Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Girly, Pink and Blue

Naomi Stein

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 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Girly, Pink and Blue, by Naomi Stein of Design Manifest

Your Christmas tree makes a statement about who you are. But what if you like Christmas, but you’re not really a dyed in the wool Holiday Person? No worries. That only opens up the possibilities, as interior designer Naomi Stein shows us.

Naomi is the author of the design and decor blog Design Manifesto. She took part in our Holiday Style Challenge, in which we sent some of the top design bloggers on the internet each a mystery box of Christmas decorations from The Home Depot. We challenged them to come up with fresh and unique Christmas decorating ideas and tips.

Naomi’s charming and slightly non-traditional Christmas decor has tons of personality, with lovely textures and unexpected colors. She also shares some practical Christmas tree decorating ideas, including her DIY method of adding a snow effect to her tree. Plus, she has something to say about who NOT to rely on for decorating help.

I’m just going to come out and admit that I’m not the Holiday type. I don’t gleefully hum Christmas carols while baking dozens of cookies. Forget shopping months ahead of time or crafting thoughtful handmade gifts. I have never once made a Christmas card, even though I love receiving them. (Maybe next year?) I find the holidays to be a little stressful and I struggle to balance all the extra Ho Ho Ho with life’s regular responsibilities.

That being said, I’m not a total Scrooge. I love spending time with my family, giving back to the community and dousing my home with just a little bit of Christmas spirit. I just prefer to do it in my own flava.

I celebrate the holidays at my parents abode, so my own tree could be a little more “fun.” I didn’t need to go the traditional route. I could choose a ridiculously fabulous tree topper and get a little girly if I wanted. I also wanted to go easy on the ornaments; something that’s easy to put up and take down works best for me. I opted to decorate with my favorite colors; blue, pink and gold. It complements the rest of the decor in my living room, and I’m pretty pleased.

This Un-Holiday type may just be a convert.

DIY Snow Treatment 

It started when The Home Depot was kind enough to send me a tree and boxes full of gold ornaments. Digging through the mystery boxes felt like Christmas morning… in October. I knew really wanted my ornaments to pop, so I decided to give my tree the “snow treatment.” Using a basic white gloss spray paint, I layered a white coat on top of the branches. I purposely didn’t go too heavy- just enough to lighten it up and show a bit of green underneath.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: DIY Snow Treatment

Next I experimented with popcorn ceiling spray!

I shook it up, followed directions and was very pleased with the faux-snow result it created. (Definitely do these steps outside and don’t wear your favorite flats like I did. Whoops.)

I also added a bit of Rust-Oleum glitter gold spray paint to warm up a few branches and add a little subtle sparkle.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: DIY Snow Treatment

Put a Bird On It 

Once the tree had its snowy treatment, it needed a statement topper.

I fell for this peacock tree topper from Home Decorators Collection.

She needed a little extra something, so I gave her a pink bow, made from simple ribbon. Just like that, my blue, pink and gold color scheme was born.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Peacock Tree Topper

Hanging Ornaments Made Easy

Feeling creative, or maybe just lazy, I decided to hang my ornaments on a garland instead of individually on branches. I used a mix of gold and blue ornaments from Martha Stewart’s Merry Metallic collection, pairing about three gold for each blue.

I hung them on a simple medium-weight thin rope that I spray painted gold.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Ornaments strung on thin rope for easy hanging

The result is that the ornament garland floats atop the snowy branches.

I also mixed in a peacock feather garland from Home Decorators Collection. I only bought one, but if I could do it again, I’d really go for it and layer on four!

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Peacock Feather Garland with Gold Ornaments, Red Bows

The Truth About Small Dogs

My pug, Bailey, was zero help while decorating the tree, but at least he is handsome.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: A Pug Named Bailey and His Tree

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Pink, Blue and Gold Ornaments

Less is More When You’re Going Bold

The last touch was placing a few pink bows along my ornament garland for a little pop.

I didn’t want to do too many. Sometimes less is more, particularly when you are working with bold colors.

With lots or pretty gold ornaments left over, I sprinkled a few throughout my living room.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: A Tree in Pink, Blue and Gold

The Christmas Mantel

For my mantel, I kept things monochromatic– just gold. A few ornaments and a star tree topper mix in with my vintage treasures.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Mantel with Gold Ornaments

I love seeing the tree’s reflection in the mirror. Something about that Peacock Christmas tree topper just makes me smile.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: Mantel with Gold Ornaments

Maybe I’ll even bust out a Christmas carol or two…

Naomi Stein is an interior designer and the daughter in a father-daughter team who renovates houses in the Philadelphia area. She writes about design and her latest projects on her blog Design Manifest.

To decorate her Christmas tree and mantel, Naomi used these items from The Home Depot: