Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

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Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

Yana Puaca is a consummate entertainer who loves Christmas. As you’ll see, this makes her a terrific source for Christmas decorating ideas for entertaining.

Yana writes the lifestyle blog NoMad Luxuries, and she’s one of the very talented bloggers who’s taking part in our ongoing Holiday Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. The idea is pretty simple: we sent mystery boxes of Home Depot Christmas decorations to the bloggers, and then get out of their way as they work their magic creating gorgeous holiday decor. It’s all very inspiring, and we all get great Christmas decorating ideas and DIYs.

Yana’s Christmas decor bubbles with cranberry and aqua tones and cool, frosty finishes. And she thinks of everything— the music, where to place to beverage table… even how to DIY a frosted window effect.   

Growing up, I celebrated Christmas three times with different sides of the family. They were always spent gathered around the table, with delicious food and great conversation. Since we bought our first home, I wanted to continue that tradition with my husband. So when The Home Depot asked me to participate in the Style Challenge this year, I couldn’t have been more excited! It was the perfect opportunity to put my own spin on what Christmas means to me!

Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

Decorating for Holiday Entertaining

I love to entertain, so I knew that I wanted to have the tree in our dining room. There’s something about the holidays that makes me think of jazz, overflowing cocktails and frosted windows. I was hoping to recreate exactly that in this year’s Challenge. After receiving my mystery boxes, I wanted to give the wintery mix of blue and silver a new spin by incorporating berry-colored hues.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

I wanted to create different vignettes throughout the space so that when guests arrived for dinner, they would be be more inclined to mingle. After spotting this silk tartan fabric, I knew it would bring the colors together beautifully, and it worked wonders for covering our eyesore of a radiator.

The chalkboard peel and stick panel fit perfectly inside the picture molding where I wrote the lyrics of one of my favorite holiday tunes.

I used the Rhodes Wine Bucket from Home Decorators Collection as a makeshift vase for blood-red amaryllis. I ended up serving cocktails here to welcome guests.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

The Berry Color Palette and Natural Elements

By sticking to my color palette, I was able to create a cohesive look throughout the space. Wanting to add visual height on the opposite wall, we simply used two pieces of pre-lit garland  and added clusters of ornaments to anchor each side. We secured them to the garland with zip ties and to finish it off, we hung a gold glitter JOY sign. This nook became the dessert and hot chocolate bar and was filled to satisfy every sweet tooth’s delight.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

Decorating with natural elements and pieces you have around the house {or kitchen} is a great and affordable way to add some holiday cheer. I used pomegranates for their color and size and added eucalyptus, winter citrus and cranberries. Pairing them with leftover ornaments added pops of color to an otherwise neutral corner.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

Decorating the Christmas Tree

I love how the pre-lit tree became such a focal point during our feast, and I could even catch glimpses of it in the reflection of the mirror.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

As I started to hang the ornaments and more ornaments, I realized that the color palette was taking on somewhat of a retro vibe, and I absolutely loved the unexpected way it came together. I decided to go with it and whip out the tinsel and add faux poinsettias in a deep crimson.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

Since the aqua and cranberry mix was meant to be a pop of color, I wanted to play up the metallics. By using the silver and gold ornaments, I was able to keep that subtle retro vibe. I also added Martha Stewart’s Snowberry Collection fox ornaments in silver that instantly added a dash of whimsy. Can you spot the ‘y’ ornament that my mom bought me when I was little? I love to add personal touches wherever I can.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

To set the mood, I set up this fabulous gramophone and played vintage Christmas vinyls. Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole were among our guests that evening.

Different-sized DIY boxwood wreaths created from embroidery hoops were hung from the windows and added a touch of greenery to the room.

DIY Frosted Window Effect

I wanted to create the effect of frosted windows to make the space feel cozy and warm. I found a simple DIY that was not only quick and easy, but also non-toxic. This would be a great project to do with kids!

Three ingredients are all you need: Epsom salt, dish soap and hot water.

1. Simply mix ⅓ cup epsom salt into ½ cup hot water and make sure that the crystals dissolve.

2. Add a teaspoon of dish soap and mix.

3. Take a rag and rub onto the window.

4. Making sure to not leave space between the window pane to make the effect appear more realistic.

5. Take a paper towel and blot the recently wet area. Crystals will start to appear as soon as the solution begins to dry.

This can stay on for a week or more and can be easily taken off with glass cleaner!

The Christmas Tablescape

When choosing flowers for the table centerpiece, I wanted to add unexpected texture and bring the color palette full circle. I paired crimson dahlias, thistles, lambs ear and pink berries. Fresh eucalyptus and aqua taper candles were added to finish the tablescape.

Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

There is no better thing than sharing a meal with people you love. By the end of the night, dirty dishes were piled in the sink, empty wine glasses were strewn across the table and shoes had officially come off. The sweet aftermath of throwing a dinner party.

   Christmas Decorating Ideas With A Cranberry Twist

I hope your holidays are filled with great company, delicious food and cheer!

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Yana Puaca is a multi-lingual world traveler with a talent for decorating, cooking and entertaining. She writes about DIY, interior design and entertaining, all with an eclectic and very fashionable angle at NoMad Luxuries. She lives in Chicago with her husband Petar.

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