Christmas Craft Ideas: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

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Christmas Craft Ideas: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Tutorial

Create this cute Christmas tree using a tomato cage, some decorative fabric and a garden urn. It’s one of the Christmas craft ideas we have for the holiday season. Just follow the step-by-step tutorial for this Tomato Cage Christmas Tree project. We have downloadable instructions, too.

Skill Level: Novice

Time: 3 hours, including time for assembly and decorating

Cost: Less than $100

Tools and Materials

Step 1

Fill the planter with potting soil and ensure proper drainage (which makes this suitable for growing tomatoes in the spring).

Plant the wooden stake in the center of the planter.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Fill Planter with Potting Soil for Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Step 2

Turn the cage upside down with the cage’s top circular support on the bottom.

Add two or more circular supports to the cage using medium-gauge garden or fencing wire. Use wire to tie together the open end of the cage temporarily to create the pointed top of your Christmas tree.

Starting at the top and winding downward, wrap outdoor-rated holiday lights around the cage. Allow the plug to stay clear of the cage. Secure the lights to the cage supports with wire.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Adding Lights to Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Step 3

Wrap the cage with decorative polyester mesh by winding, twisting, and folding as needed to cover the cage.

Bunch the mesh together at top, but do not secure it to the cage.

Attach large ornaments by securing with wire and hot glue as needed.

Push the wire through the mesh and twist it on the inside of the cage so the wire cannot be seen.

Add other ornaments, including greenery, small bells, and small ornaments as desired and secure with hot glue.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Adding Mesh and Ornaments to Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Step 4

Now it’s time to set the Christmas tree in the planter.

Secure the top of the tree and the mesh to the top of the stake.

Secure the cage to the planter using a bungee cord. Hook one end of the bungee cord under the lip of the planter, across the lowest circular support on the cage, and attach the other bungee hook under the opposite lip of the planter.

Repeat this process around cage with the other three bungee cords to secure the cage to the planter.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Secure Tomato Cage Christmas Tree with Bungee Cord

Step 5

Wrap more of the decorative mesh around the base of the tree to hide the bungee cords.

Add a decorative bow at the front of the tree as your final touch. Hot glue or secure with wire as needed.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Add Bow to Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

Step 6

Place your Tomato Cage Christmas Tree next to your front door, or take it indoors to display in your entryway.

Christmas Craft Ideas: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

 Download printable instructions for this Tomato Cage Christmas Tree project, and get started!

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