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Kitchen with 2017 Colors

Updating Your Home with 2017 Color Trends

It’s time. You’ve spent too long staring at that same ol’ wall color, and it just doesn’t feel like you anymore. It’s time for a change – a change of color, a change of style, a complete room refresh.

Coordinating a color palette can actually be fun and exciting. We’ll walk you through six easy steps on how to select a palette and bring it into your space. We’ll use BEHR’s 2017 Color Currents as our guide.

Step 1: One room at a time

Kitchen before 2017 Color Refresh

We wanted to choose a fresh color palette for this kitchen.

To keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed, focus on one room at a time. The palette you ultimately choose can either be for one room only or used throughout the house in different concentrations. Both ways are acceptable, as long as you keep your active room list to one.

Step 2: Choose a color scheme

BEHR 2017 Color Color Currents Catalogue

We recently launched our 2017 Color Currents brochure with its palette of twenty new and unique colors. The colors in the Color Currents palettes are designed to be interchangeable, allowing one to mix and match as desired from each category.

After some careful consideration, we decided to use the following color palette for the kitchen update:

BEHR Polished Aqua 2017 Color

Main walls: Polished Aqua T17-08 – a soft, dusty aqua to expand the sense of openness for our walls.

BEHR Silent Sands 2017 Color

Accent wall: Silent Sands T17-11 – a neutral, taupey, midtoned tan to ground the island.

New 2017 Color Palette

Accents: That’s My Lime T17-16, Fired Up T17-19, Close Knit T17-01 – to add pops of color through décor items.

Step 3: Find supporting décor in your colors

Kitchen Items with 2017 Color Palette

Create a small travel palette of your colors to take with you when sourcing décor items, furnishings or appliances. Search and select items that match your palette colors.

It’s not necessary to have an exact match. Items that are in the ballpark of your color will do. Lighter/darker, softer/brighter or warmer/cooler variations of the color will work just fine.

Step 4: Bring it all together

Installing Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Clear your room of items that won’t carry over into your new scheme. Paint your room in the selected color(s), and then start assembling your room.

Take a step back every so often to evaluate how well your room is coming together. If it isn’t to your liking, you can adjust the proportion of accents, bringing in more or less of your palette colors. Adding small details, such as decorative hardware or plants with colored flowers will help tie your theme together. Here, we’re adding a satin nickel and sea glass knob from Liberty to our kitchen cabinets.

Step 5: Enjoy your new space

Once your space is decorated to your liking, take some time to enjoy and, perhaps, start gearing up for your next decorating venture.










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