Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel (and a Fireplace Makeover)

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Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel

We love the new trend of glam Halloween decorations. We’d never want traditional orange-and-black Halloween to go away. (Don’t worry. It will always be the go-to theme for Halloween.) But shiny, sparkly white and gold Halloween can be so cool. Take for instance the chic Halloween decor Monica Benavidez created for her mantel and fireplace.

She’s the author of the blog Monica Wants It. Monica is one of the design and decor bloggers we invited to take part in our Halloween Style Challenge. We sent several bloggers mystery boxes of Home Depot Halloween and harvest decorations. The bloggers then used those items to create fresh new takes on fall and Halloween decorating for us to share with you.

Monica’s Halloween Style Challenge resulted in a glam Halloween mantel that’s very chic, but still fun. She shows us how she came up with some of her Halloween decorating ideas. But first, she needed to do something about her fireplace…

When I got word that I’d been challenged to decorate my mantel in a Halloween/Harvest theme, I panicked. I love decorating my mantel, but for the past four years, I’ve truly despised our fireplace area. I didn’t want to let you all down by having a boring fireplace, so I knew something had to be done stat!

Fireplace Makeover

My husband and I decided to take this challenge to the next level by not only decorating our mantel, but also by completely revamping the fireplace surround. We put the “all” in challenge, y’all! Here’s what the mantel and fireplace looked like before—the fireplace screen was gold, had several dents, and the firebox was super grimy. Add some beige brick and it was very much stuck in the 1990s.

Fireplace Before Its Makeover

After making a game plan, we headed to The Home Depot and picked up a gallon of Kilz primer (best stuff ever), a gallon of Behr paint, some rollers and brushes, painter’s tape, drop cloths, and some Rust-Oleum high heat paint for the firebox. For the mantel itself, we decided to reuse the beam that was up there, but we added moldings, a new shelf, and a fresh coat of paint to modernize it.

The process of painting the fireplace was super simple—a coat of primer and two coats of paint sealed the deal. The firebox took two coats of paint, and the mantel itself took lots of 45-degree cuts on a miter saw, caulk and paint. See more about how to paint a brick fireplace on my blog.

For the new mantel shelf (which is a pine 1 x 10 board that we cut down to size), we finally had an excuse to invest in a table saw. We chose a Ryobi table saw, and we are smitten with how easy it is to use. Safety is our top concern when using power tools, and there are lots of safety features on this saw.

Head over to my blog to read a detailed tutorial about the mantel and fireplace revamp.  Now, let’s get back to the décor!

Here’s what the space looks now that it’s been gussied up in time for Harvest/Halloween décor. I think right now is a great time to tackle those projects that will help showcase your holiday décor better (for us, it was a fireplace makeover).

The mantel is now super beveled and gorgeous thanks to mouldings that we paired together to create a custom look. The flat paint color really adds a chic touch.

Glam Halloween Decorations

And here it is in all its glory! For this year’s décor, I really wanted to challenge myself to not stick with the usual orange and brown color scheme. I wanted glam, gold, black & white, with pops of pink and red.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel: Sparkly Giltter Pumpkin and Baubles

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel

There’s a lot of stuff from The Home Depot in my set-up. I’ll walk you through it.

Shiny Painted Pumpkins

The Home Depot has the most awesome pumpkins to craft with. They’re lightweight, easy to carve and very easy to spray paint. Some gold Rust-Oleum spray paint helped me create a shiny gilded pumpkin. I got an amazing finish in just two coats.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel: Foam Pumpkin Spray Painted Gold

The gold pumpkin really looks great when paired with black and white accents.

Skulls and Such

The skull in the apothecary jar is actually part of a 6-pack of skull candles that also work well as vase filler, which you’ll see in a moment.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Fireplace Hearth

I also bought a second pumpkin and coated it with flat black paint. Now that I think about it, I should have used chalkboard paint and used it as a Halloween countdown. A spider and some fresh flowers complete this vignette.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Fireplace Hearth

Gold Painted Branches

For my next project, I only had to go as far as my backyard. Some branches spray painted gold and adorned with flowers, plus a vase that I upcycled using some mirror-finish spray paint helped create an arrangement that adds height and glamour.

A tip when using mirror-finish spray paint in narrow vases is to spray paint and let it dry upside down. Thin coats (I did four) give you great coverage and a professional finish. With this spray paint, you can turn almost any piece of glass into a mirrored, mercury glass-esque finish.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Living Room

Pee Wee has claimed this spot as his own on this super comfy recliner from Home Decorators Collection. Yes, I totally coordinated his outfit for this shoot and he obliged.

Candles, DIY Art and More Pumpkins

Inside the firebox, candles really pop against the dark black finish.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Fireplace Hearth

Up above, it’s a mix of new items and décor from previous years. I have a thing for pumpkins, so I have tons and tons in various finishes, but each year I do like to create new ones to add to the family.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel

The black and white geometric art piece is made from some thin plywood I cut down to fit a thrifted gold frame. A fabric remnant is attached using spray adhesive and staples. Once fall is over, I’ll repurpose it for my office gallery wall.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel

This gold pumpkin is part of The Home Depot’s Harvest Décor Collection, and anyone who knows me knows I love mercury glass. This pumpkin is a stunner!

The garland on my mantel is from the dining room Christmas decor I did for a previous Holiday Style Challenge. It’s great to re-purpose décor for multiple holiday seasons.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel

When I originally saw these skull candles, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with them. I went through a few options before deciding on this display method. To me, it’s a little mad scientist and a tad creepy. I love it.

Halloween Lights

While this all looks great, I have a few more tricks (and treats!) up my sleeve. Hidden behind the décor are sets of Halloween strobe lights. These are AWESOME—they come with the batteries, plus they can be set to on, off or sensor (they’ll turn on when someone is nearby). And to make these even better, they have sound effects! These really amp up any décor and are so affordable. For my mantlescape, I used six sets.

Here’s how it looks with the strobe lights on:

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Fireplace Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Living Room

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Living Room

I strategically placed one of the strobe lights near the skull in the photo above.

And on the mantel itself, the addition of a set of blood drip LED lights helps add in even more punches of red. Words cannot express how cool these lights are and one set is probably the perfect length for most mantles in the 5- to 6-foot range. Plus, your kids will think they’re cool.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel

I hope my Harvest/Halloween décor and fireplace revamp get your creativity going! I’m so thrilled I was able to take my fireplace and mantel from boring to chic, and I couldn’t have done it without the great selection of DIY and décor supplies from The Home Depot.

And here’s a before and after…this all happened in the span of just two weekends!

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel: Before and After

Here’s a final shot, plus you can see more of the comfortable and well made Kingston Recliner. The nailheads, the tufts, the leather…swoon.

Chic Halloween Decorations for Your Mantel: Pee Wee the Chihuahua is Digging It

After all those DIY projects, it’s time to relax with my little devil. Happy Halloween!

Chihuahua dressed as the devil for Halloween

Monica Benavidez lives in Beeville, Texas and is the creative mind behind Monica Wants It. She says she started her blog as a way to share with the world the random things she wanted to buy, but it’s evolved into a terrific lifestyle blog where she chronicles her adventures in DIY, recipes, and life.

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