Changing Door Hardware an Easy Upgrade


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Changing Door Hardware an Easy Upgrade

Brittany Cramer of brittanyMakes is slowly upgrading the look of her home, and doing so as frugally as possible. Changing out the door hardware– door knobs and locks– was the latest step in the home remodel. As she shows us, it’s a super easy DIY project that packs a lot of bang for the buck.

Door Hardware Upgrade

My husband and I bought our first home a little over a year ago. The house was essentially in its original 1960s state, with some basic upgrades (like paint) added for resale. We made some significant renovations this past year (read more here), however some of the features that have not yet been touched include all door knobs and hardware. Upgrading these features was not high on the priority list, but in the back of my mind, I already had a good idea of what to do. All of the upgrades we’ve made so far have taken our home from its vintage state into a new modern look.

Front Door Hardware

The first thing we did was upgrade our front door locks. Most people select accessories for their home solely based on price. Luckily we only have a handful of doors in our home, otherwise hardware can add up quick! One of my favorite pieces of advice to give folks is to consider the era of the home before purchasing and installing accessories. You might be a lover of that wrought iron, Tuscan look, but will that style suit your home?

I chose the simple and modern Century Bright Chrome Handleset by Schlage for our front door hardware. Its bright chrome shine and 90-degree lines help bring that mid-century feel back into the home.

Changing Door Hardware an Easy Upgrade

Easy Door Hardware Installation

The hardware itself was surprisingly easy to install; even my husband was able to do it! For those of you who don’t know my husband, he has what he likes to call “office hands.” There was a point in the installation where he called me over “Hey Babe, can you drill this hole for me?”

Let’s just say all of the tools in the house are mine. If you’re worried about installing the door locks yourself, don’t be! Schlage provides a set of extremely easy instructions to follow.

Changing Door Hardware an Easy Upgrade

First, we removed the hideous old door knob and deadbolt.

Then, we inserted the interior mechanism for both the new deadbolt and the door handle and screwed them in place.

Our new door handle has a lower extension piece that sticks into the door, and to fit the new handle on we needed to drill a hole. I couldn’t get a photo of this since my husband and I both had our hands full, but we marked where the hole needed to be, using a level for additional measuring, then drilled the hole.

Changing Door Hardware an Easy Upgrade

Changing Door Hardware an Easy Upgrade

Bedroom and Closet Door Knobs

For the interior bedroom doors, we chose to install Greyson Matte Black Bowery Privacy Lock Knobs. They’re also so simple and modern looking, not to mention matte black hardware and fixtures are all the rage right now. I love how they tie in perfectly with our black hexagon tile floors, as well as our faucet (not pictured).

Changing Door Hardware an Easy Upgrade

Changing Door Hardware an Easy Upgrade

My son is about 14 months old and just starting to get curious with door handles. It’s so adorable how he mimics us. What’s not so adorable is the thought of him locking himself in his room! These handles come with a key pin which you can unlock from the opposite side. Nonetheless, I still decided to switch the handles so the lock is on the outside to prevent him from locking himself in his room. I’ll take all the precautions I can get!

We’re super happy with our new door knobs and locks, and beyond impressed with how quiet they are compared to the old locks. For the closet doors we went with the Greyson Matte Black Bowery Passage Lock Knob. It’s perfect for hallway closets or doors that do not require the locking mechanism.

Thanks to The Home Depot we are inches closer to a completed home!

Brittany Cramer describes herself as “a fierce accountant by day, and a zealous DIYer by night.” She lives with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area. She shares tutorials and writes about decorating, cooking and lifestyle on her blog brittanyMakes.

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