Build These Shutter Planters for a Colorful Patio Accent

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DIY Shutter Planters

Build these shutter planters to add a burst of glorious color to your patio or porch. We used ordinary window shutters and terra cotta pots from The Home Depot, but you can upcycle old shutters and planter pots you might have lying around. The bright color comes from FolkArt Multi-Surface paint in five shades to cover the shutters and the terra cotta planters.

We have the step-by-step tutorial so you can create your own colorful shutter planters.

DIY Shutter Planters


DIY Shutter Planters

Step 1

Using scissors, cut the tape into ¼-in. strips.

Tape a strip around the flower pot half way down the pot.

Measure a distance then tape another strip around the pot.

DIY Shutter Planters

Step 2

Paint the top part of the flower pot in two coats of FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint in Titanium White.

Let the paint dry completely between coats.

DIY Shutter Planters

Step 3

Paint the bottom of the flower pot in one coat of FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint Teal.

Let the paint dry completely.

DIY Shutter Planters

Step 4

Paint the shutters with two coats each of Citrus Green, Patina and Light Lavender.

Let the paint dry completely.

DIY Shutter Planters


Add a personal touch to your hanging pots by braiding twine or thin rope and attach to the pot!

You can find FolkArt Craft and Art Paint in The Home Depot’s Paint Department.

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