Budget Patio Makeover That’s Renter-Friendly

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Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

Sarah Walk overcame three big challenges with her patio makeover. The blogger behind Tell Love and Party wanted to save money, so it had to be a budget patio makeover. Her patio is pretty small, too, so she needed to make the most of the small outdoor space. And on top of all that, she rents her home, so it needed to be a renter-friendly patio makeover.

See how she met all those challenges and ended up with a gorgeous outdoor space… all in one weekend!

Budget Patio Makeover

When we moved into our place I had big plans for our patio. Big plans! But somehow over the past couple years, I kept putting it off, and instead our sad little patio got no love.

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

I wanted it to be a place we could all hang out, and instead, it turned into a place where my kids would draw with sidewalk chalk and spiders took residence. I needed some serious motivation!

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

What better way to get something done than a challenge, am I right? The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge was just what I needed to get my butt in gear.

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

The problem with renting is that nothing can be too permanent or you have to get an OK from the landlord. So I wanted to make some minor changes that would be easy, cost efficient and would make sure we got our deposit back when we left. It had to be a renter-friendly patio makeover. Of course, money is always an issue, too, so I was determined to make this a budget patio makeover, too.

The once sad cement slab is now a fun sanctuary where the whole family can hang out together. It’s all my patio dreams come true.

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

Laying Pavers

Now let’s take a look at the depressing patio before the makeover.

A rental home patio that badly needs a makeover

Since our patio was kind of a nightmare, I knew I needed to give the actual patio itself a facelift.

First thing was to cover up all that dirt.

Paver steps added to expand the size of a small patio

We had to rip through lots of weeds and used 12 x 12 pavers to cover the rest of the patio. This was actually such an easy project, and pavers are very inexpensive.

We leveled the ground, put down some paver base and then lined up the pavers. We covered it with some paver sand and lined the perimeter of the patio with some rocks.

Installing the Slat Wall

Wood slat walls used to improve the look of a small rental home patio

Next project was the slat wall.

I can not tell you how much I did not like that fence. It needed a facelift so badly, BUT I couldn’t paint it because that was too permanent, and I wanted a modern feel. So we decided to do a painted slat wall.

The perfect thing about building our own wall was we could paint it. Plus, since they are screwed onto the old fence, we can remove them when we move.

We bought 1 x 3 strips of wood. I wanted them to be thin and not as bulky as 2 x 4s. They were quite inexpensive, too, which made them perfect for this budget patio makeover.

We needed about 21 pieces per wall section. We screwed the pieces about 1 inch apart to the 2 x 3 pieces. Each wall was 8-feet-long. We then lined them up along the fence.

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

Lastly, I painted the slat walls a white color. This brightened things up a lot, especially compared to how dark the wood was before.

Outdoor Decor for a Small Patio

Outdoor decor for a small patio

Now on to the fun part…the decor!

My patio is small so I couldn’t have anything too bulky but I still wanted it to be comfortable and a place I wanted to hang out. The Hampton Bay Lemon Grove Wicker Patio Set was the perfect fit. I could lounge out there all day!

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

The outdoor coffee table is so perfect for putting your feet up or entertaining guests, and the storage boxes underneath are great for storing extra pillows and blankets.

Patio Accessories

Accessories are always so so important for me and really bring everything together. You don’t have to spend a ton to get a beautiful look, so I say the more accessories, the better.

Patio accessories for a small outdoor space

From comfy pillows and throws to cute side tables and trays. So let’s talk accessories…

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

Metal garden stool on a small patio

I most definitely fell in love with the metal garden stool as a side table. It’s such a fun design and holds your drink, a good book or some flowers so perfectly without taking up too much space.

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

Also the metal galvanized tray set is awesome for serving treats, drinks or snacks.

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

patio umbrella can make such a difference, as well. When the sun is high in the sky, it’s the perfect shade.

String lights hang over a small patio

Lighting is HUGE for me when it comes to an outdoor space. There is just something so magical about summer nights outside with some bistro style lights hanging above and candles below.

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

These string lights added the ambiance that I wanted with these galvanized lanterns and LED candles for a little something extra.

Patio Greenery

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

And lastly are plants! Greenery is a must for any outdoor patio.

12 in. Dia. Dark Blue Ceramic Rivage Pot

I am partial to succulents or tropical type plants and displayed in some pretty pottery, including the Dark Blue Ceramic Rivage Pot, really finishes the look. I am not good at taking care of plants, and I wanted something easy and that didn’t need my attention all the time. I mean, I would much rather be lounging outside than trimming my plants.

The Fire Pit

Getting ready to make s'mores on a small patio

To complete our budget patio makeover, we added a fire pit. There’s nothing better than snuggling up next to a fire on a cool night on the patio.

Refreshments for a patio party

Since out patio is super small, I added some extra throw pillows that we can bring out when we are ready to get our s’mores on. Which is a great space saver when we aren’t using the fire pit.

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

I seriously am in love with our new renter-friendly patio. It only took a weekend to do and did NOT break the bank. Now it’s probably my most favorite place to be.

Budget Patio Makeover That's Renter-Friendly

Such a big difference! I am so looking forward to lots of lazy summer days out there with friends and family.

Sara Walk is a stay-at-home mom who loves making things. She says she can’t stop thinking about her next DIY project. She writes about crafts, decor, parties and more on her blog Tell Love and Party.

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