Bright and Cheery Christmas Decorating, With a Bit of Whimsy

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Bright and Cheery Christmas Decorating, With a Bit of Whimsy

Christmas decorating doesn’t often include yellow and turquoise, but Kelli Mullins and her sister Kristi Jansen make it look as natural as homemade eggnog. Together, they produce the DIY and decor blog Lolly Jane, where you’ll see their sunny take on decor on display.

Kelli and Kristi styled this Christmas living room for our Holiday Style Challenge series. We sent them an assortment of Home Depot Christmas decorations and let Kelli and Kristi use them to create a holiday decor in their unique style.

Kelli shows us how they DIYed the Home Depot items to fit their holiday vision, which is slightly rustic, bursting with charm and full of whimsical detail.

Christmas is, of course, all about the cheer that is spread this time of year but for us, it’s also about being cheery. We have avoided the red and green color scheme for several years now and instead sported pops of red, turquoise and mustard/gold. It’s not very traditional, but we love how bright it is!

Bright and Cheery Christmas Decorating, With a Bit of Whimsy
My dad thought I was a bit crazy when I asked if I could pull from his stack of dead tree limbs he just piled up to burn. I told him I had planned to decorate with them, and of course, he said yes… he knows I’m not crazy, but a little adventurous with my decorating style sometimes is all!

I wrapped some fishing line that I snagged from my son’s fishing pole around the long (but lightweight) stick then anchored it to the wall with two eye hooks. I also wrapped a strand of cordless mini lights around it and hung the prettiest ornaments from it. I love all the natural elements of this space!

How to create yarn-wrapped Christmas ornaments

To break up the gold, and to accent the white mirror, I wrapped a few ornaments with white yarn. It took just a few minutes to wrap each ornament and I am loving the texture it adds. Yarn reminds me of cozy winter, and we are definitely ready for some cooler temps here in Arizona!

Christmas ornaments hang from a branch

See how well the yarn-wrapped ornaments coordinate with the white stockings, too?

I am mantle-less in this house, so I hung the Christmas stockings on a ladder my clever husband built for me. I typically it store in my craft room to reach my herringbone bookcase. Our children saw the stockings on display and were already peeking inside! Hee hee!

Christmas stockings hang from a ladder

I spied these scented pinecones (not available online, unfortunately) and birch candles at The Home Depot and went ga-ga for them! The smell of cinnamon with a flicker candle is making me wish we were closer to December, for sure. Also spied at The Home Depot was a set of six of the cutest glittery moose by Martha Stewart we have seen! My sister Kristi and I snagged a can of metallic gold by Rust-Oleum and sprayed a quick coat to cover the moose. Now, they all matched perfectly.

Spray painting glittery moose Christmas ornaments

Moose on the loose in a whimsical Christmas decor

See the tree topper?

More moose on the loose in a whimsical Christmas decor

Love these little fellas. We set one up with our yarn wrapped trees inside my turquoise hutch… it’s kind of like Where’s Waldo? around here trying to spot all six of our glittery moose! LOL!

LED candles, scented pinecones and a reindeer ornament

If you’re wondering if the flickering makes the candle look real, I would answer yes. My blog partner/twin was helping me decorate this space when her four-year old blew out another lit candle. I asked my older son to please relight it, and he tried to light one of the bark candles that I had switched off! Oops. Kind of funny, but luckily I corrected him before he turned the lighter on. ;)

Scented pinecones, a Noel print, and a reindeer ornament

Reindeer figurine with Christmas wreath

We snagged this large reindeer stag on our Home Depot trip, that came in brown but we dusted a quick coat of robin egg blue on to match our NOEL printable Kristi whipped up. We wrapped burlap ribbon around his neck and secured him into our Martha Stewart Living wreath. The space was now complete!

In case you’re wondering, the wreath that I received wasn’t matching the three cute potted Christmas trees I had on display, so they got a quick coat of the same metallic gold on the base, then I dusted Rust-Oleum white on the top. The lights still twinkle as bright as ever! Here’s a little before and after:

A potted artificial Christmas tree before and after spray paint

See how well it pairs with the wreath now? It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do to transform a piece! Doesn’t the little tree look cute with my jumbo fabric candy canes?

Christmas stockings and candy cane ornaments hang on a decorative ladder

Well that’s it for now! I have plans for a hot cocoa bar in this space, so come back and visit us soon!

Sisters Kelli Mullins and Kristi Jansen produce the DIY and decor blog Lolly Jane. They write about home decor, crafts, furniture revamps, awesome project roundups and the occasional tasty recipe. Kelli lives with her husband and four children near Phoenix, Arizona. Kristi lives in northern Arizona with her husband and two boys.

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