Bright, Black, White, and Metallic Christmas Decorations

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Bright, Black, White, and Metallic Christmas Decorations

Take a look at Sarah Dorsey’s living room and you will immediately notice that she has a remarkable talent for making bold patterns live comfortably with each other. And with her Christmas decorations, she clearly also knows how to introduce new colors and textures in a way that looks completely in harmony with the year-round look of the room.

She’s the author of the style blog Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, and she’s taking part in our ongoing Holiday Style Challenge series her on The Home Depot Blog. For the Style Challenges, we send talented blogger-stylists mystery boxes of Home Depot Christmas decorations to decorate their homes for the holidays.

Sarah used her Home Depot Christmas decorations to create a holiday look that’s elegant and full of energy, but is equally cozy and comfortable. She explains how she brought it all together, including a short tutorial for a unique DIY Christmas garland.

I LOVE Christmas time.

Every year, I look forward to the start of the Christmas season—warm blankets, sparkly lights, crisp air, time with friends and family—I love it all! So I was absolutely thrilled when the mystery boxes arrived at my door. I’ll take any excuse to start the holiday season early.

Mystery boxes of Home Depot Christmas decorations

The mystery boxes were filled with bright colors, glittery metallics, and festive greenery. I developed a plan—utilizing the color scheme from the Martha Stewart Living Frosted Tradition Christmas ornaments I received, contrasted with lots of white mixed in with the deep green, stars, and my favorite of the Christmas season, twinkly lights.

Bright, Black, White, and Metallic Christmas Decorations

Decorating the Christmas Tree

The tree is the focal point of the room and sets the tone for the rest of the decorations. Blues and greens are staples in my everyday decor, and nothing says Christmas like red. I love adding it for the season!

Christmas ornaments from the Martha Stewart Frosted Traditions Collection

When decorating my Christmas tree, I always start with lights. Since I had a pre-lit Christmas tree, I went straight to the Christmas balls as a base. Then I started thinking about other ornaments and the finishing touches.

DIY Christmas Tree Garland

My favorite part of a Christmas tree is the garland. I love the statement that it can make, although it can get pricey since it requires several yards of material (I used about 10 yards for my 7½ ft. tree). To cut costs, I sourced magnolia leaves from my backyard, and accented the garland with spray paint and feathers.

Here’s how I created the garland for only $8.

1. I sorted the magnolia leaves into small, medium and large.

2. Using thin wire, I started making the garland, using small leaves at the top and large leaves at the bottom.

3. I arranged groups of two or three leaves, and layered them on top of each other, and wrapped the wire tightly around the base of the leaf. Then, I repeated the process, layering the leaves as went, using the wire underneath.

4. After assembling the garland, I spray painted the leaves, then let them dry.

5. Then, I filled in any green spots or exposed wire with feathers. I made two 10-yard sections and layered them together for a fuller look.

DIY Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Varied shapes, patterns and colors

I used the berries and leaves from the kissing ball provided in the mystery box and added them to the tree after giving them a quick coat of silver spray paint.

Pretty Paper Stars

A few DIY 3-D stars made from 12 x 12 sheets of white Bristol board, following this tutorial adds variety of scale to the tree. To finish them off, I gave them a thin coat of glitter spray paint.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Varied shapes, patterns and colors

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Varied shapes, patterns and colors

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Varied shapes, patterns and colors

I topped the tree with a DIY Moravian star. It’s 60 triangles cut from mat board and glued together (I used this template).

Decorating the Living Room and Mantel for Christmas

To decorate the rest of the room, I used elements from the tree to tie the space together.

The triple hanging wreath has clusters of the metallic balls used in the tree and references the mantel by repeating the wood cut out.

Bright, Black, White, and Metallic Christmas Decorations

Bright, Black, White, and Metallic Christmas Decorations
The fresh pine, buffalo check stockings, gold, silver and copper Christmas balls and string lights gives our mantel a simple, festive look. I also added a few of these feeding and standing reindeer to keep things interesting.

Bright, Black, White, and Metallic Christmas Decorations

The Moravian star light was a lucky second hand find!

Gold, Silver and Copper Glass Ornaments from Home Decorators Collection

To finish off the space, I created a Christmas ball garland – it was so easy, just pom pom yarn with a few Christmas balls.

Christmas goodies

Wishing you happy holidays, filled with family and friends, warm drinks and sweet treats!

Sarah Dorsey and her furry friend enjoying the holidays

From my family to yours!

Interior designer Sarah Dorsey writes about design, DIY and renovating her home on Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.

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