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A Boho Patio Makeover via The Power Of Paint

Shavonda Gardner

Article Posted By: Shavonda Gardner

of SG Style

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A Boho Patio Makeover via The Power Of Paint

It’s hard to say what’s best about this patio makeover– the stenciled cement floor, the lattice privacy screen… or just the overall comfortable, eclectic feel to it.

This is our second time to see a patio makeover by Shavonda Gardner of SG Style. She’s moved from her previous home, where she set up a colorful, renter-friendly patio for our Patio Style Challenge.

In this Patio Style Challenge Redux, paint takes a major role in transforming her outdoor space, with the gorgeous stenciled floor and an unexpected color choice. But it doesn’t stop there. She shows us all the outdoor decor touches that make her outdoor living area extra special.

Patio Makeover

Over the summer, my family and I downsized into a little cottage bungalow fixer-upper, and have been busy renovating and adjusting to life in a home half the size of our last. One of the best things about our new old house is, while the interior space is limited, there’s an abundance of outdoor space to capitalize on.

When you’re living small, every square inch has got to count! Of that space my most favorite is our side porch. Its accessible directly from our living room, is prime for giving us a bit more livable square footage, and I knew it would be perfect for the Patio Style Challenge.

The Patio Before the Makeover

A covered patio before a makeover

This space had several of the same features as our previous deck, so I wanted to try to recreate/incorporate many of the same elements into this space as I did before. Just like our deck, this space was narrow, waaay too beige, and had a few issues I wanted to address. But, this time around I could make more permanent style decisions. I had a pretty decent start with the Fenton patio set I received in my original Style Challenge, but the buck stopped there.

A long, narrow porch in need of a makeover

A back porch badly in need of a makeover

Adding Color

My main goal with this patio makeover was to treat it as a true extension of our living room, so my approach to the design and styling was to bring in lots of color, texture, pattern, a dash of the unexpected, and make it super comfortable. To me there’s nothing quite like the power of paint for instant impact, so I reached for paint to give our space the biggest bang for the buck.

A patio makeover featuring a blush-colored ceiling and a black accent wall

I’m pretty committed to the belief that every space needs a bit of black and a dose of the unexpected, so I painted our ceiling Just Blush. I’ve been crushing on blush in a major way, and I knew the porch would be a great place to incorporate it. I have southern roots, where traditionally porch ceilings are painted blue, but I thought blush was a fun, unexpected spin on tradition.

I also opted to paint a small section of the wall black, as well as the floors. For the ceiling and wall I reached for Behr Ultra Premium Plus Exterior paint in flat.

Painting and Stenciling the Concrete Floor

Next it was time to move onto the floor. I’m COMPLETELY smitten with cement patterned tiles, and especially so on floors and exterior spaces. I really wanted to try to recreate the look of these gorgeous tiles, so I decided to stencil the floors in a pattern similar to some I’ve been coveting. Of course it wasn’t gonna get me the exact look, but it would get me the effect.

Behr Porch and Patio Floor Paint

The patio floor was painted before so I gave it a good cleaning, let it dry and rolled on a good helping of my favorite primer before moving on to painting. Behr Porch and Patio Floor Paint was the perfect choice for our cement floors.

I gave them two coats of Tar Black and allowed them to dry overnight.

Stencling a pattern on a concrete patio

Then it was time to begin the stencil process. I’m no stranger to stenciling floors, so this phase of the project went fairly quickly for me.

I used the Toulouse Wall Painting Stencil for this. It’s large and easy to work with. I used the Behr Porch and Patio Floor Paint in Ultra Pure White with a small foam roller to stencil on the pattern. I allowed it to dry for 48 hours before walking on it.

Outdoor Decor

Once the patio floor was completed, it was time to pull the space together with furniture, plants, and decor items.

A patio makeover featuring a stencil-painted floor, privacy screen and more



New Outdoor Pillows

I really enjoyed our patio furniture before, but I wanted to give it a bit of an update in this patio makeover, so I replaced the sofa cushions and added new toss pillows to the chairs.

Royal Zanzibar Seat Cushion Set from The Home Depot

Royal Zanzibar Seat Cushion Set from The Home Depot

I love the global look of the Royal Zanzibar Seat Cushion Set and knew they would be perfect for our boho-inspired space. I like that they are reversible, so we can change up the look at any time. #rearrangitis anyone?!

The pillows have tassles, too!! I’m kind of obsessed….as my Instagram followers can attest.

NeverWet Outdoor Fabric Spray

To help them hold up to the elements I gave them a spray of NeverWet Outdoor Fabric Spray.

Lattice Privacy Screen

Lattice patio privacy screen with votives holding flowers and candles in a fabulous patio makeover

In our last outdoor space, I used a lattice planter with hanging plants to help hide our unsightly A/C unit. While there was no A/C unit to mask this time around, I did still needed to provide privacy, so I again reached for lattice as a solution. This time I chose to adorn the lattice privacy screen with a mix of votive candles and clear votives that can be filled with fresh stems.

Succulents and Flowers

I love my interior spaces layered with lots of plants, so I wanted to include plenty of plants here, too. A lot of the plants from our previous challenge space have grown and thrived and made it into this patio makeover, as well.

Succulents on a shelf after a patio makeover

A lattice privacy screen and lots of succulents on a newly decorated patio

A lattice privacy screen and lots of succulents on a newly decorated patio

Succulents and a new Philodendron provide fresh greenery, but I also wanted to incorporate annuals to the mix, too.

I headed to The Home Depot Garden Center and was immediately drawn to the vibrant colors of the VIVA! line of florals. Honestly if the color wasn’t enough to reel me in, surely the names were gonna sell me! I mean c’mon… Rhythm & Blues and Ragtime Petunias! #sold. I simply popped these bright petunias into containers and voila! I can easily place them out into the sun during the say since our porch is covered.

Rhythm & Blues and Ragtime Petunias from VIVA!

Ragtime Petunias from VIVA!

Rhythm & Blues Petunias from VIVA!

Outdoor Accents

My log planter table from the last Challenge stuck around and got a fresh new look with paint, as well. I also used a bit of extra paint to create a fun art installation with painted sticks.

A fun art installation made from painted sticks decorates a patio

A log planter table with painted accent decorates a patio

I’m a total treasure hunter and am always on the hunt for a great vintage find or furniture deal, and most of my interior spaces are layered with pieces collected over time.

I was able to find a fun peacock chair and a great console table to use in this outdoor living space. Its nice to keep magazines, extra seating, and throws readily nearby for cool nights and while entertaining guests.

A thrift store console table on a newly decorated patio

A peacock chair sits on a boho-style back porch

DIY Outdoor Curtains

I finished the space with easy DIY outdoor curtains for softness and added privacy when we want it. They’re made of drop cloths and hung with galvanized plumbing parts spray painted black.

DIY outdoor curtains hang after a patio makeover

I soaked the drop cloths in the tub with a few gallons of bleach for several hours to lighten them up a bit from their natural darker shade.

After they soaked, I washed them and hung them while they were still slightly damp to finish air drying. They also got a spray of NeverWet to help against the elements. They can easily be taken down to wash or during nasty weather.

DIY outdoor curtains made from canvas drop cloths

Landscaping Rocks

Marble chip landscaping rocks to provide a crisp finished edge to a patio

I added marble chip landscaping rocks to provide a crisp finished edge to the space just beyond the porch.

A patio with a painted stencil floor, a log table and a candle lantern

String Lights

Simple string lights add a lovely glow to a back porch at night

And for the final touch to this patio makeover, I hung simple string lights for a soft glow at night.

Its great to now have an extra living space we can enjoy throughout much of the year. I love relaxing on our new porch in the evenings and having morning coffee here. And as an unexpected bonus, it’s been a huge hit with the neighbors! We’ve had several of them knock on our door, or stop as they pass by and ask if they can come have a peek.

A Boho Patio Makeover via The Power Of Paint

A Boho Patio Makeover via The Power Of Paint

Thank you so much, Home Depot, for having me back again for a patio makeover. We will surely enjoy our new space for years to come.

Shavonda Gardner lives in Sacramento, California with her wife, two children, and Great Dane. She loves reading, thrift stores and flea markets, black licorice, Indian food, chai teas, high heels, bold lipstick, big hair, little old houses, and supporting small and women-owned businesses. She also has a slight addiction textiles, leopard print, throw pillows, side tables and Instagram. She writes about all that and more on her blog, SG Style.

If you’re looking for professional help for your patio makeover, contact Home Depot’s home services for more information.

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