Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

Denise Cortes

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of Pear Mama

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

A rustic, folk art style “portrait” of a pumpkin is the centerpiece of this awesome boho chic Halloween mantel. The pumpkin painting is a fun way to set the fall mood, and as you’ll see the it’s actually pretty simple to create.

This fall and Halloween mantel was styled by Denise Cortes of Pearmama as part of our Halloween and Harvest Style Challenge here on The Home Depot Blog.

She shows us how she created the pumpkin with simple plywood and a left-over frame, and then used Home Depot fall decorations to complete her boho chic Halloween mantel.

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel

Even though I have a house full of children, I’ll never be that mom who ushers in the Halloween season with life-size skeletons, bats, ghosts and giant inflatable witches. We don’t do “scary” Halloween. Instead, I love to fill our space with all things fall and autumn-like, even though we don’t see much of this season living here in Southern California. Call it wishful thinking on my part. When Home Depot invited me to get creative for Halloween, I knew I had to be true to my style and to my family’s living space.

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

That meant taking my mantel and creating a bohemian vibe, combining different textures, colors and layers to display a few of my favorite things of the season, coupled with the goodies that The Home Depot sent me: succulents, straw baskets, plants, burlap, pumpkins, gourds, repurposed glass candle holder, ceramic pumpkins, votive candles, candelabras, natural straw, string of lights and pottery.

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

The idea of a large pumpkin portrait set in a glossy black gilded frame is what inspired my entire mantel. I wanted it to be the focal point of the space. I have a collection of large wooden frames that I’ve been saving for the perfect occasion and my boho chic Halloween mantel was it.

Repurosed frames

One of the first things I did was head over to my local Home Depot store to pick up a large sheet of thin plywood. At home, I measured my frame so the plywood sheet would fit within the frame and took note of the dimensions.

Once inside the store, ask an associate to cut the large sheet of plywood for you, which is a huge time saver. I bought a plywood sheet large enough to get several pieces for future projects.


How to Paint a Pumpkin Portrait

  • Paint your frame of choice with Rust-Oleum spray paint in high gloss black. Let dry and set aside.
  • Paint the plywood square in a matte black. I used some leftover house paint.
  • With a pencil, lightly trace the shape of a pumpkin. Get creative! Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. The rustic look gives it some character. I wanted my pumpkin to have clean, modern lines so it would make a bold statement. Once you are happy with the design, paint it.
  • Use inexpensive craft paint or house paint. Paint sample sizes work great, too.

Creating a framed pumpkin painting

Once the painting is dry, fit it inside the black gilded frame and secure it with heavy-duty duct tape. I love the way my pumpkin portrait turned out.

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

Now, it was a matter of filling it up the space with more interesting items, some traditional and some not so traditional.

I filled my mantel with a few stained wooden crates to stagger the height of my potted succulents and cactus, wicker baskets to provide texture, jack ’o lanterns, plastic gourds, pottery and a mix of natural elements. The orange votive candles and a string of twinkling lights add the perfect touch of flickering light.

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

Fill up recycled glass jars with mini pine cones, walnuts and seasonal dried flowers like marigolds.

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

A vintage ceramic teapot filled with decorative wheat stalks gives a nod to the harvest season.

My family loves that our home feels so much more cozy and ready for fall.

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

I love the way it glows, and how much the mantel feels authentic to me and how I love to decorate my home.

Boho Chic Halloween Mantel and Framed Pumpkin Painting

Even our doggie loves it. Thanks so much, Home Depot!

Denise Cortes from Pearmama is a Latina mom with a large family of six kids. A native of Southern California, Denise is all about Mexican Folk Art, DIY and making her living space beautiful with a mix of new, vintage and fun do-it-yourself projects.

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