Bathroom Transformation with Vinyl Tile

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Bathroom Transformation with Vinyl Tile

Linda Gardner is a hopeless craft addict which lead to her Craftaholics Anonymous® blog to document her obsession. We asked Linda to channel her obsession onto The Home Depot Blog and document her reflooring project using vinyl tiles.

The result was simply amazing. Linda tiled her boys’ bathroom and made it look effortless and easy to follow. Read on to see how the transformation took place.

Bathroom Transformation with Vinyl Flooring

Above you can see the state of the bathroom before we replaced the floor.

After Vinyl Tile

We added grout between the tiles to get a really stellar tile-like look. It looks just like tile! It’s gorgeous! This is the comparable after shot with the Luxury Vinyl Tile with dark gray grout.

The on-trend vinyl tile that I used was the perfect neutral color with both gray and brown undertones. I decorate with grays in this bathroom, so I chose a gray grout to draw out the gray tones more.

Vinyl tile is a snap to install! Here is how we did it.


Step 1: Remove existing flooring

First, we removed the existing quarter round with a hammer and pry bar.

Then we pulled up the existing vinyl flooring. It came out pretty easy.

Step 2: Plan the layout of your vinyl tiles

Next we used a pencil, the angle tool, and a level to draw out the layout of the tiles.

We laid the tiles at a 45-degree angle.

Step 3: Place the tiles

We peeled off the paper backing to expose the adhesive back. Then we laid the full tiles in place.

Place the spacers between the tiles to get the spacing right.

Vinyl Tile Installation

If a tile was slightly off, we were able to pull the tile up and adjust it slightly.

Step 4: Cut the tiles to fit

Vinyl tiles are easy to cut.

Simply score the tile with a utility knife and a straight edge. My hubby is using his level as a straight edge in this image above.


Then bend the tile and it will snap along the scored seam. It was incredibly easy to do! No tile cutters, no shattering a tile trying to cut it.

The luxury tile was very user friendly.

Step 5: Fill grout lines

After we finished laying the vinyl tiles, we mixed up the ready-mix grout and filled in the grout lines with a trowel.

We wiped up the excess grout with damp rags and allowed the grout to dry according to package instructions.

Then we replaced the quarter round and put the rug back in place, and we were done!

Vinyl Tile

The resilient vinyl tile was so easy to install, and it looks fantastic!

The only thing that I didn’t like about the vinyl tile we chose, was that there were only two tile patterns to pick from. So we had to be creative in laying them out so that the same tile wasn’t completely duplicated right next to it with the design going the same direction. But we are pleased with the result.

Vinyl Tile

Linda Gardner is the brains behind the craft blog Craftaholics Anonymous. She covers pretty much everything one needs to know about crafting. From DIY decorating to sewing, Linda shares loads of free tutorials, tips, tricks and creative ideas! When she’s not crafting and blogging, Linda is in the kitchen baking yummy food.

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