Beachy DIY Bathroom Corner Shelves

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Learn how to transform ordinary wooden doors into chic bathroom décor! For these bathroom corner shelves, we’ll start with an unfinished bi-fold door, give it a beachy, distressed look with chalk finish paint, and add some decorative hardware.

Just follow our step-by-step tutorial from Plaid FolkArt Paint.

Bathroom Corner Shelf


Step 1: Replace the Door Hinges

Remove the hinges from your bi-fold door.

Lay the fronts of the door together, and replace the hinges on the backside.

Step 2: Paint the Bottom Layer

Creating a Distressed Look for Bathroom Corner Shelves

Creating a Distressed Look for Bathroom Corner Shelves

To create the distressed look of these corner shelves, start with the craft paint in Java and brush it onto the door on areas where you want the paint to show through.

Repeat the same steps with the Cascade paint.

Step 3: Apply the Wax

Rub the clear wax heavily on the edges and section of the door you want distressed.

Step 4: Paint the Top Layer

Creating a Distressed Look for Bathroom Corner Shelves

Now add a coat of the White Adirondack paint to the doors.

When the top coat is dry, sand the paint– unevenly and in random patches– to allow the Java and the Cascade to show through with a rustic, distressed look.

Step 5: Apply More Wax

Creating a Distressed Look for Bathroom Corner Shelves

Apply a thin coat of clear wax over the entire door and allow it to dry.

Once the wax is dry lightly buff it with a soft cloth.

Step 6: Build the Shelves

Building Corner Shelves

Cutting Wood for Corner Shelves DIY Project

Using the corner of the pine shelving, measure 14¾ in. out on each side.

Draw a straight line connecting the measured ends and cut with the circular saw.

Step 7: Sand the Edges

Sanding Corner Shelves

Sand the rough edges.

Paint the shelves with the same steps as the door.

Step 8: Attach the Shelves

Attaching Shelves to DIY Corner Shelves Project

Attach the shelves to the door with screws from the back of the door.

Step 9: Set Your Corner Shelves Up in Your Bathroom

DIstressed, Beachy-look Corner Shelves

Attach the hook as shown and admire your new rustic corner shelves!

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