Backyard Makeover: Pergola with Bohemian Style

Backyard Makeover: Pergola with Bohemian Style

You’ve been wanting to spruce up your backyard for a while now, haven’t you? Well, we say it’s time to make that happen. All you need is a little inspiration.

But what we have here is a TON of inspiration for your backyard makeover. It’s all from of Lindsay Jackman of The White Buffalo Styling Co. Just take a look at the pergola she built and then decorated with her eclectic, bohemian flair. That alone should be enough to get your outdoor decor juices flowing. But there’s a lot more than that to her backyard makeover, as you’ll see. 

Lindsay’s backyard upgrade is part of our  Patio Style Challenge series. We send some of our favorite DIY and decor bloggers new patio sets, and they build amazing patios around the outdoor furniture. It always generates remarkable patio decorating ideas and gorgeous photos. 

Read on to see how Lindsay transformed her rather ho-hum backyard into a beautiful outdoor space full of funky charm and plenty of comfort. 

There is just something magical about lounging outside.

I crave long, laughter-filled nights spent out under the stars and twinkle lights with friends. I was so excited when we bought a little cottage because I knew it would be filled with nights like this.

But when we first bought this major fixer-upper a year ago, the backyard left a little bit to be desired.

Lindsay Jackman Patio Style Challenge_Before

Okay, it left a lot to be desired.

We have spent the last year renovating the living spaces inside. So, when The Home Depot asked us to be a part of this Patio Style Challenge, I was thrilled! Finally we would get to create a place for gathering.

I dreamed of a lovely, bohemian backyard, but first, we had to build our base.

Last fall, we installed a chipped granite patio, but we had no real furniture and still lots of dirt.

Backyard Makeover: Pergola with Bohemian Style

After some sod, landscaping, mulch, and a lot of patio decorating and DIYing, we finally have a place where I love spending time.

To start, we thought about how we wanted the patio to function. We decided that we wanted several separate areas. We wanted a sitting area, a fire pit, a dining area, and a buffet/bar area.

Backyard Makeover: A sitting area, a fire pit, a dining area, and a buffet/bar area

The biggest part of this project was installing the pergola over the sitting area. I love the statement that it makes, and it really helps us “define” these different areas.

Backyard Makeover: Pergola with Bohemian Style

We wanted a pretty modern look, so we went with all straight lines and straight cuts on the boards. We used treated lumber and then stained it using Minwax Chocolate Deck Stain from The Home Depot.

My favorite part of this patio is the new furniture. I was so excited when we started setting up the Hampton Bay Pembrey 4-piece set.

Backyard Makeover: Pergola with Bohemian Style

We wanted to use the coffee table from the set elsewhere on the patio, so three tree stumps became our coffee table. This set is so comfortable and just begs you to lounge on it.

The green color felt neutral to me, especially outdoors. So, I piled tons of color and texture on top of it.

Backyard Makeover: Colorful throw pillows on an outdoor seating set

One of the best things about the pergola is that is allows us to hang things down over the sitting area.

I love all things bohemian, so these little macrame hangers with succulents make me extra happy.

Backyard Makeover: Pergola with Bohemian Style

We had this old window, and it just seemed like a perfect backdrop for out sitting area.

High on my list for this project was a light fixture. We tossed around a lot of options, but in the end, we decided on a copper pipe and coil light fixture.

Backyard Makeover: A copper pipe and coil light fixture

We started with a copper pipe base with two waterproof sockets and bulbs. Then, we used copper coil to build a geometric shape around it. We wanted something a bit different, so we decided on a triangular shape. We started with two triangles and two larger ones to build the basic frame. Using thinner copper wire, we bound the triangles together into a larger frame. Then we added copper wire down the center of each triangle to add some extra dimension.

Backyard Makeover: A copper pipe and coil light fixture

We had this thin little side yard between the patio and the fence. Our initial thought was to plant it, but that would be really expensive for such a large space, plus it was filled with roots.

We decided it was a perfect spot for our fire pit.

Backyard Makeover: Sitting area with fire pit

 Backyard Makeover: Adirondack chairs

We used the coffee table from the set in between these two Adirondack chairs for end tables and a little s’more station.

Backyard Makeover: A little s'more station

My husband Chris made us the picnic table you see below a while back, so I spruced it up with some mis-matched chairs and some fun textiles.

Backyard Makeover: Mis-matched chairs and some fun textiles

The buffet is an old factory cart that we got at an antique yard, to which we added a live-edge top.

Backyard Makeover: Outdoor buffet made from an old factory cart

One of my favorite parts is the gold mirror. We needed a little glitz out here!

Backyard Makeover: A gold mirror on outdoor buffet

Backyard Makeover: Ready for an outdoor party

Now, we’re ready for a party!

Backyard Makeover: Enjoying the fire pit

Our pup Gracie agrees. She thinks the new backyard is fabulous.

It’s the best at night when all of the lights are twinkling and bright.

Backyard Makeover: Pergola and patio lit by overhead string lights

Who’s coming over for a little outdoor dinner and a fire? We’ll have a drink ready for you!

Lindsay Jackman is a design blogger and home-renovation survivor. See says she’s has been looking for opportunities to decorate since she was a little girl. Now she shares style tips and how-to’s on her blog The White Buffalo Styling Co. She lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband Chris and their pooch Gracie.  

Lindsay chose the  Hampton Bay Pembrey 4-piece set for her backyard makeover. 

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Style Challenge is a series of articles from guest contributors who aim to bring you fresh inspiration and ideas for your home and garden using a single Home Depot product as a starting point. Lindsay received the patio set from The Home Depot and a gift card. The opinions and ideas Lindsay expressed are her own.