DIY Backyard Games: How to Make a Kubb Game Set

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DIY Backyard Games: How to Make a Kubb Game Set

Kubb (“koob”) is game that’s been described as a combination of bowling and chess, which makes it one of the more interesting lawn games we can think of. The object is to throw short dowels– batons– at your opponent’s pieces to knock them over. This Swedish game has fans all over the world, and you might be the next new fan once you see this cool kubb game set you can make yourself.

Mandy Pellegin of Fabric Paper Glue came up with this tutorial for our Outdoor Games Style ChallengeSome of our favorite design bloggers are inventing clever ways to DIY backyard games for this series.

This kubb game set is easy to make, and Mandy designed it to be unusually attractive, combining wood, copper and paint. She included links to official rules, too, so you can put your new kubb set to the test. 

After overhauling our backyard living space earlier this spring, I jumped at the chance to bring even more fun to our space with a homemade lawn game. We’ve checked all the biggies off our list over the years, so I knew immediately that I wanted to tackle kubb – a game also known as “Viking Chess” that I was introduced to several years ago.

Traditionally, the game is made entirely of very simple cuts and shapes of wood– including 10 kubb pieces, one king, six batons, and four to six boundary stakes– but when The Home Depot challenged me to incorporate metal into my creation, I turned to the beauty that is copper to create a completely one-of-a-kind kubb set.

DIY Backyard Games: How to Make a Kubb Game Set

How to Make a Kubb Game Set: The Wooden Pieces

Wooden Kubb Pieces

I took the easy way out, and let my local Home Depot lumber department do the heavy lift on creating my kubb pieces. I had one pressure-treated 4×4 cut down to one 12″ piece (for the king) and ten 6″ pieces.

Once I got my cut pieces home, I gave each piece a good sanding paying particular attention to smoothing the sharp corners.

For a decorative accent, I taped off a couple of lines on each pieces and added a bit of green paint. The king piece got a little something extra with the addition of a copper post cap that I secured with an industrial strength adhesive.

How to Make a Kubb Game Set: The Copper Pieces

Kubb Batons

I created a set of six batons by using a ruler to mark and a tube cutter to cut 12″ lengths of 3/4″ copper pipe.

To give the batons a little heftiness, I filled each one with sand and capped off the ends with copper tube caps, securing them with industrial strength adhesive.

How to Make a Kubb Game Set: The Boundry Flags

Kubb Boundary Flags

I created boundary flags with plant props and copper foil (available at most art supply stores).

I used pliers to straighten out the props and encapsulated them in copper foil flags, with the foil’s edges folded inwards to avoid any sharp edges.

How to Make a Kubb Game Set: The Boundry Flags

Kubb Game Set Carrying Bag

I’ve yet to complete a Home Depot Style Challenge without throwing in a little sewing, and I wasn’t about to break my streak.

I made a custom carrying bag for the set using some fabric with a complementary pattern.

For good measure, I sealed the fabric with Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet and created handles using leftover copper tubing.

DIY Backyard Games: How to Make a Kubb Game Set DIY Backyard Games: How to Make a Kubb Game Set

A complete set of rules can be found on the U.S. National Kubb Championship website. They may seem a little complicated at first, but the website has a short video that summarizes the rules. Once you get the hang of the rules, kubb will be a great addition to your lawn game repertoire…trust me!

Mandy Pellegin writes about handmade craft projects, delightful beverages, DIY ideas and other fun stuff on her blog Fabric Paper Glue. Take a look at how she styled her beautiful deck for the Patio Style Challenge series. She lives with her husband in Nashville.  

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Mandy received a Home Depot gift card to complete her outdoor game DIY project. The ideas and opinions she expressed are her own.