Backyard Deck Makeover for a Growing Family

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Backyard Deck Makeover for a Growing Family

There’s no point having a deck on the back of your house if you can’t enjoy it. That’s where Katie Bower of Bower Power was with her deck. As you’ll see, it just wasn’t a pleasant outdoor space for her growing family. So she and her husband launched a total backyard deck makeover.

It’s part of our ongoing Patio Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We sent Katie a patio set of her choice to get her started, and she and her husband did all the rest.

The transformation is impressive. Her new, improved backyard deck is pleasant, comfortable and absolutely gorgeous. It even got an adorable endorsement from her five-year-old. Check it out to inspire your own deck makeover ideas.

A Complete Deck Makeover

I am so thrilled to show you our new backyard deck. This deck makeover was a big job but in the end it was a dream come true!

A backyard deck that needs refinishing

For the last four years, this deck has been nothing more than a worn, dirty and relatively empty space. It was in dire need of a full deck makeover.

Since it’s so large, we figured that it probably would need to be fully replaced, and because of the big expense that would be, we put it off year after year. The worst part is, with three little boys and one on the way, we practically live outside. Our boys love our big back yard and this deck would overlook their favorite play area. It made sense to give it a little closer look and brainstorm ways to make it more functional without the big expense.

Repairing and Staining the Deck

First, we identified our issues. The biggest problem was the fact that some of the balusters were broken or not attached correctly. This could be really hazardous and we put that down as our first to-do item.

Even though the deck was structurally sound, the floor boards were worn and sometimes warped and very splintery. I knew that if we could clean the boards and screw down the ones that were slightly warping, it would help them lie flat. We also decided that sanding the floor was the best way to get rid of those giant splinters and make the deck barefoot-friendly.

Last, we needed to stain and seal everything so that the damage wouldn’t keep happening in our hot Georgia summers.

The stain we used was Behr’s semi-transparent stain in Cordovan Brown. As soon as the first coat went on, we were in love. Lastly, this space lacked furnishings and any kind of style. We wanted to use this space so that we could sit out there to eat, relax or just watch the boys play, so a patio set was our number one priority.

Backyard Deck Makeover for a Growing Family

Decorating the Deck

Once we finished staining, the really fun part of styling our backyard deck makeover was a breeze.

We chose the Hampton Bay Cane Crossing set. Using the Create Your Own Collection feature on Home Depot’s website, we decided on the round patio chat table and 6 of the patio chat chairs with the sapphire blue cushions to customize the set a little more.

This is my first patio set with fun colored cushions, and I have to admit, I will never go back to beige! The punchy color adds so much personality!

Hampton Bay Cane Crossing Patio Set on a beautifully decorated backyard deck

I also wanted a rug to add a little extra cushion. The trellis pattern on this Hampton Bay indoor/outdoor rug won me over. From there, it was all blues and greens for the outdoor decor.

A fern in a tall DIY planter on a beautifully decorated backyard deck

We got a green patio umbrella to add some shade, built a couple tall planters from fence pickets and then added some ferns for softness.

A glass-topped outdoor chat table set with delicious snacks

This is the perfect space for relaxing and eating snacks while the boys play in the yard. The glass topped chat table makes it easy to clean up, and because of the smaller size, I can reach my little guys if they need help with their snack!

Extra Deck Storage

In the corner, we needed a little extra serving and storage area, so we made some super simple and easy nesting console tables. They take up very little square footage, but act as the perfect bar area.

The tables themselves were super simple. Each table required only three 2 x 10 boards, cut and painted with exterior paint. I made mine color blocked with blue and white, but the paint options are endless.

Now they are the perfect spot for putting together a drink or keeping those extra pillows and blankets.

An outdoor serving area on a backyard deck

A serving table and outdoor art on a backyard deck

Nesting console tables create a serving area on a backyard deck

Outdoor Wall Art

I made some outdoor wall art by putting together some scraps and a bit of outdoor plywood and popping in a metal B for a truly personalized piece.

Oh and that moss? Yeah, it was dug out of our backyard. All together, we spent no money on this little project because we had everything on hand!

Outdoor wall art with moss and a metallic letter

A Deck Makeover for the Whole Family

A father and his two young boys spending time together on a backyard deck

We have really enjoyed being able to come out here and know that we won’t be stressed over the safety issue or picking splinters out of anyone’s feet. It truly has become a favorite spot to relax and enjoy with family.

Katie Bowers and family enjoying time together after their deck makeover

I can even leave the back door open for a spring breeze and not be worried if the boys are running around on the deck!

The day we finished the space, both my older boys even asked if we could read books on the new backyard deck because it’s so ‘bootiful’. Of course, I said YES and grabbed some fruit and a drink. It was one of those moments where I asked myself “Why didn’t I do this makeover earlier?!”

Backyard Deck Makeover for a Growing Family

Overall I can’t wait to see how our life changes because of this space. I know that it is going to be so much easier to spend time together and enjoy those summer nights and that is priceless.

Katie has more photos and a mood board for her deck makeover on her blog. Take a look.

Katie Bower is a former homeschooler who has a love for decor, entertaining, jokes and photography. Bower Power where she catalogs her home renovations and crafts, photography tips and her boy’s random acts of awesomeness.

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