Steph and Vicki Kostopoulos

Mother Daughter Projects

Steph and Vicki Kostopoulos
​The idea for Mother Daughter Projects (MDP) came about when the mother daughter duo were working on replacing Steph’s porch screen. Vicki jokingly said, "We should make a ‘how to’ video." She didn’t think anymore about it, but Steph did. She started thinking: "It could be a way to document all our projects, a way to show our niece and nephews (grandchildren) what women can do, and a way to spend more time together." So Mother Daughter Projects was born…March 2015. ​Steph and Vicki have been doing DIY projects together for over a decade here in Florida. One of our first projects was ripping up the living room carpet and painting the floor - it was a HUGE undertaking! Thankfully, Vicki brings years of wisdom and experience of DIYing and combined with Steph’s vision, discipline, and strength, we are motivated to get the job done! Vicki has a BS in Home Economics Education and Steph's BA is in Television Production, which makes Mother Daughter Projects a natural fit!
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