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Rayan Turner
Rayan is the founding editor of The Design Confidential — a DIY + Design shelter blog — and a maker at heart. She is a contributing editor for HGTV and Domino, a stylist and trendspotter, occasional TV personality, an interior designer, and a bit of a lazy furniture builder by trade. Admittedly a hoarder of project supplies and lumber, she can’t manage to part with anything that has even a smidgeon of decor potential so naturally, her ongoing project list never dips below the double digits. A mommy of two crazed little boys by day, and a DIY daredevil by night, Rayan is constantly pushing the DIY boundaries to find the limits of what can actually be done ‘yourself’ and what is perhaps better left to someone else (with a little bit more know-how). She has yet to find that limit, but has certainly come close (many, many times). Either way, it’s sure to be a roaring good time to watch her journey.
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