Lindsay Jackman

The White Buffalo Styling Co.

Lindsay Jackman
At The White Buffalo Styling Co., they’re about more than just styling a room for a party, though they totally love that. They are about celebrating life. They're about creating beauty to be enjoyed, experienced, and remembered. At The White Buffalo, they believe that each person has a style and a love of beauty all their own and they want to help you find yours. For years, Lindsay loved design, but had no clue what her style was. In fact, she had no idea who she was. And she's just realizing how tied together those two things are. Finally discovering and embracing that has been revolutionary for her. After years of trial and error, Lindsay realized that her style is complex and eclectic, much like herself. She loves a little country and rustic mixed with a little modern and a little bohemian. Lindsay's prayer with The White Buffalo is that her adventure can help you find a bit of yourself and your style and then empower you to chase after it with everything you’ve got.
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