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Alma Arrieta
Alma Arrieta is the creator and designer at By trade, she is a cosmetologist who left the salon to pursue being a full-time homemaker and raising four children from ages 4 months all the way to 13 years old. As a creative outlet and love for the home, she started sharing her home and projects on Instagram which lead to starting her own blog. There, she shares her love for design and encouraging her readers in loving the home they live in. She was recently featured on Country Woman magazine. Her passion for creating and designing on a budget started the journey of many DIY projects. Moving into a 70’s home last year has also left her and her handy husband with many home reno projects, which they are currently updating one room at a time. Together, they are tackling each project with the goal of making each space equally functional and a place they love to be. As well as a place that would be welcoming and a blessing to all who come and visit. As a California native, you will find her love for comfy and casual, airy and neutral with a touch of nature, translated a little differently in each space. She is a true believer that you can love the home you live in, whether you are a renter or owner, living tiny or large and on a tight or generous budget. With a little creativity, and embracing your personal style, sprinkled with lots of love, it can be done! Outside of home design, she’s a donut and coffee lover, and a homebody who loves being with her husband, four children, siblings and church family.
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