How to Create an Antique Finish on Kitchen Cabinets

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

A kitchen cabinet door antique finish demonstration

Giving your cabinets a makeover is a sure fire way to renew and refresh the look of your kitchen. The Home Depot associates who answer questions on our online How-To Community Forums have recommended the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit as a surprisingly easy and cost-effective way to make your cabinets look new again. We’ve even seen some before and after photos a reader posted on the Forums showing off her spectacular kitchen re-do using the Cabinet Transformations Kit.

Recently, a regular contributor to the Forums described how he departs from the official instructions on the box to create his own antique cabinet finish.

“The door was treated with standard Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation technique. However, after the glaze was nicely laid out and dried, I then took a dampened 3M scrubby pad and purposely rubbed away some of the glaze to give a worn look. Indeed, some of the base coat was deliberately worn away back to the original finish, again giving a worn look.”

Pretty clever, eh? It’s probably a lot of fun, too, deliberately messing up the final glaze. Above, you see a before-and-after display we put together of how this technique looks when it’s done.

Here’s a video from The Home Depot’s YouTube channel that explains a little more how the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit works. The video was originally intended for Home Depot associates, to get them up to speed on the product, but you’ll get some good information from it even if you’re not a Home Depot associate.

If you have questions about this method of creating an antique finish on your kitchen cabinets, our Forums associates will be pleased to help. The same goes for any questions you might have about paint or stain … or any home improvement project or product you’re interested in.