A Glam, Golden Christmas Card Holder

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A Glam, Golden Christmas Card Holder

Christmas cards can be one of the best parts of decorating for the holidays. The trick is finding a way to display them that keeps them out of the way and easy to see. This upcycled wheel frame Christmas card holder is a great solution. That’s what I use. But I wanted to add some glam to it for the holidays.

Here’s what I did.

Materials for Glam Christmas Card Holder

Rustic Wheel Card Holder or Old Wheel Frame
Rust-Oleum Gold Spray Paint
Clothes Pins
House Letters in Gold and Black

Step 1

Simply take out your Rust-Oleum gold spray paint and give your wheel a nice light coat, making sure to evenly coat, leaving no drips.

Wait about 30 minutes and give the top another light coat. Repeat the process again for the back of the wheel.

Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint and Primer

A Glam, Golden Christmas Card Holder

Step 2

As that is drying use your Gold Rust-Oleum spray paint or glitter spray and give your clothes pins a nice spray.

Let it dry and spray again making sure all sides are even. Repeat the same process on the back of the clothespins.

Spray painting clothes pins for a glam Christmas card holder

Spray painted clothes pins

Step 3

After the clothespins have dried, place gold and black letters on the ends (the pincher ends, not the handle ends) of the clothes pins.

Mailbox letters attached to spray painted clothes pins

Step 4

Then as your Christmas cards come, place them on the wheel for everyone to see! A simple project you can do in a couple of hours with no stress!

A Glam, Golden Christmas Card Holder

A Glam, Golden Christmas Card Holder

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