5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

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5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

A simple and economical boost to your home’s curb appeal can be accomplished in just a few steps that you can do yourself. Mallory and Savannah, the brains behind Classy Clutter, have it down to just five DIY jobs, in fact. Of course, excellent curb appeal is very important if you’re getting ready to put your house up for sale. But these steps are so easy that Mallory spruced up her home’s curb appeal, even though she rents!

The house before getting a curb appeal boost

We have been renting our home for a little over three years. We have pretty awesome landlords who let us do what we want to improve the home while we live here. The home was built in the 1940s and definitely shows signs of age in some areas. Luckily, I love doing renovations, updates, makeovers, etc. even if it isn’t my home. My landlord says she hit the jackpot having us as tenants because we love to update, renovate and take great care of their home while we live here.

When we move, they plan on selling the home and I thought it would be so fun to give our house a mini-makeover to increase the curb appeal. Let me tell you, after a long, long winter, the outside needed some major help. I mean, at least I had a wreath on the door. Everything else needed some attention. I’m excited to share five steps to DIYing amazing curb appeal for your own home, whether you plan to sell or not!

Step 1: Create an inviting entry way

There are several ways to create an inviting entry way to your home. In the before photo, you can see that the entry way and front door are nothing exciting to walk up to. You want to make potential buyers excited to walk through that door.

First, do any necessary paint touch-ups on the exterior and front door. This will make your home feel fresh and new. We repainted the trim around the door, trim around the windows, front steps and hand rails. It made a world of difference.

5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

We also added fresh flowers in these gorgeous urns and a new welcome mat. The wreath on the door helps it feel more inviting and in the summertime, I love to see a flag out front.

5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

Tip: It’s always a great idea to oil your door hinges so your front door doesn’t creak or screech when you (or potential buyers) open it.

Ours did before and a little WD-40 took care of that problem really fast!

Step 2: Landscaping

5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

Our landscaping was… well, pretty much non-existent and neglected. After such a long winter, it had really gotten trampled on, and it needed to be cleaned up. We took the kids outside and we all got to work. We trimmed the trees and the bushes, mowed the lawn and did a complete makeover on the flower bed. Our little helpers stuck around for about 10 minutes before they got bored. :)
Curb appeal was not such a big deal for these two

To redo the flower bed, we had to basically dig up the old one. We removed the plastic edging that wasn’t really doing its job anymore, dug out the old plants and weeded the entire thing. We transplanted a few of the existing plants so they looked more evenly spaced.

Next, we installed the Roman Stone Rubber Edging. It was so easy to create the rectangular shape we wanted and installation was a breeze with the stakes that came included in the packaging.

5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

Next, we laid down weed control fabric (it took two packages).

After that, we planted the flowers. We cut a small “x” shape into the weed control fabric where we wanted each flower to go.

Once we had them all planted, it was time for mulch. We chose black mulch. I love the contrast of the black mulch with the vibrant colors from the plants and flowers.

5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

Step 3: Give your mailbox an update

For us this was an easy, quick fix. We have a vertical wall-mount mailbox like most people in our area. Ours was in fine shape, except that the paint was peeling a bit.

I sanded the old paint down smooth and gave it a few coats of Rust-Oleum’s Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint and Rust-Oleum Satin Nickel for the accent pieces. Looks good as new!

Whatever style your mailbox, make sure it is freshly painted (or new!) and sturdy, whether it’s a wall-mount or free-standing post mailbox. It’s also a great idea to include your house numbers on your mailbox if they’re not posted nearby.

5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

Step 4: House numbers

This is an easy one, but really important. I have seen so many unique and creative ways to display your home’s address numbers. Ours were originally black numbers against the chocolate brown siding, and you could not see them at all, especially from the street.

Get creative and make something fun or do a simple replacement of outdated numbers, but most importantly, make sure they are visible.

For our house numbers, I got a plaque that would fit nicely above the mailbox, painted it to match the vinyl siding on the house then added the vinyl lettering with our address.

5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

Step 5: Photographing your home for your home listing

5 DIY Steps to Amazing Curb Appeal

Photographing anything can be a daunting task when you need excellent photos, but have little experience behind the lens. Use the best camera you can get your hands on, even if that means borrowing your friend’s camera, and take a lot of pictures.

Try different angles and really showcase your home.

Make sure you do not photograph anything unsightly (parked cars, weeds, dumpsters, etc.) for your home’s listing photos.

Make sure to highlight the unique features of your home or selling points. If you have an amazing oak tree in your yard, make sure potential buyers looking through home listings get to see it!

Use a photo editing software to brighten, enhance and sharpen your images before you use them in a listing. Most free programs have a “auto-enhance” option if you’re a beginner.

And remember, curb appeal is important, not just for selling your home, but also for enjoying your home!

When you’re ready to improve your home’s curb appeal, browse our Paint Department, Garden Center and Tools & Hardware Department for everything you need.

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