Make a Vertical Garden with Lattice to Add a Little Green to Your Space

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

Make a vertical garden to add that little green touch to an empty space, whether it’s inside or outside. Take a moment to check out this helpful video with all of our ideas. It will get you started.

Make a Vertical Garden

Make a vertical garden. It doesn’t require a lot of space, which is just one of the many benefits of planting one. It’s also something anyone can do, so there’s no excuse not to start a little garden of your own.

In this video, one of our associates from The Home Depot Community Forums will demonstrate how you can construct an attractive vertical garden using your favorite plants, a few pots, organic potting soil, S-hooks, and a piece of vertical lattice.

It’s an easy, enjoyable project you can complete in just a few hours, and you’ll have a lovely new vertical garden to admire anywhere around your home that needs some greenery.

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