The Modern Nursery

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

A modern nursery painted in pale mint green

Image via 346 Living

We’re noticing that the décor of the modern nursery has been changing to reflect the overall style of the home. Traditional pink and blue color schemes are giving way to more gender-neutral shades of gray, green and beige, with bright punches of color. Princess and superhero themes are being replaced by playful prints and geometric patterns that invoke a sense of fun and imagination. And expectant parents are increasingly choosing to furnish these modern nurseries with furniture and accent pieces that have sleek, clean lines.

We spotted Baby Zoe’s nursery on 346 Living. It’s an excellent example of the new modern nursery design approach. Zoe’s mom wanted to create a calm but stylish space that she wouldn’t have to completely redecorate as her daughter grows older. Minty green paint, chandelier lighting, a gold accent mirror and pouf, together with a splash of pink and a sleek crib, make this newborn’s nursery a modern haven for both parents and infant. We think she did a pretty incredible job.

If you are as impressed by Zoe’s room as we are, take a look at a few more stylish modern nurseries.

A modern nursery painted in shades of linen and tan

Image via Lil Sugar

These first-time parents living in New York City prove in the above photos that sharing a space with your newborn doesn’t have to cramp your style. With gender-neutral colors, patterned throw pillows and a burlap banner for added texture, they managed to make the space charming and warm without getting too cutesy. (Take a look at our inspiration board for a gender-neutral baby’s room in a cheerful pale yellow.)

A modern nursery with lots of graphic punch

Image via Design Crisis

Gray is the new all-purpose neutral for the modern nursery. Karly from Design Crisis used it as the backdrop for her colorful, eclectic nursery filled with eye-popping patterns and a gallery of imaginative artwork. But it was the birdcage repurposed as pendant lighting that grabbed our attention.

A modern nursery decorated using the YOLO Colorhouse Sprout Collection

Image via YOLO Colorhouse

These days, parents are looking for ways to create a healthy environment for their babies. The adorable nursery above is painted with eco-friendly, zero-VOC paint from YOLO Colorhouse. The color palette comes from the YOLO Sprout Collection of colors and fabrics that are perfectly suited for a baby’s room that’s not only stylish, but also free of the potentially harmful fumes that can come with a new coat of paint.

A Scandinavian-inspired modern nursery with a tan striped ceiling

Image via Coochicoos

We loved the bright, airy feel of Gabriel’s Scandinavian-inspired nursery designed by SISSY+MARLEY. He’ll undoubtedly get a kick out of all the odd creatures and toys he’s surrounded by, but it may take him awhile to appreciate how cool it is to have stripes painted on the ceiling.

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