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Image of  Colorful Home Office Closet Conversion

Image via Country Living

In the 17th century wealthy French families were the first to have closets in their homes. They were typically small private spaces behind the bedroom, used for reading and relaxation. In many of today’s small homes and apartments, where space is at a premium, people are revisiting the idea of the closet as personal space to carve out functional home offices. As you can see in this small, colorful closet office we spotted on Country Living, with a couple of rolls of wallpaper, paint, a lovely chandelier and some imagination a can be quickly and easily transformed into your home office.

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Image of a Closet Office In A Dining Room

Image via Downsize My Space

Tucked away in a dining room closet this San Francisco home office space is equipped with all the essentials necessary to work productively from the house. This is an excellent example of how simple it would be to turn an underutilized closet in your home into an extremely functional office space. A little wood and stain, and voila, you’re ready to move into your new office.

Image of a craft station in a closet

Image via The Home Depot Spring Style Guide

For some crafty solutions to help you maximize the space in your closet office check out The Home Depot’s Spring Style Guide. It’s full of colorful ideas, product info and useful tips to get your closet perfectly situated for home or office use.

Image of a Modern Closet Office

Image via Decor Pad

Americans work  a lot – more hours per year than any other Western country. Terms like “work life balance” have now been replaced with far more onerous phrases such as “work life integration” – meaning you’re supposed to be working all the time now? Well, if that’s the case, you may want to integrate some  “life” into your home office. A disco ball and swanky furnishings are a good place to start.

Image of a Master Bedroom Closet Office

Image via The Office Stylist

Why would anyone want to have an office in your bedroom closet? So that the next time a brilliant idea comes to you in the middle of the night you can jump right up, bang it out and hop right back into your dream. If you’d like to see more photo’s this amazing little closet office jump over to The Office Stylist.

Check out The Home Depot’s Storage and Organization page for terrific storage solutions can use for your own office-in-a-closet.

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