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Stenciling is a decorative painting technique that dates back thousands of years. Some of the earliest examples of stencils were hand tracings found on the walls of caves in France and Spain. Today, everyone from professional interior decorators to novice DIYers are creating walls with stenciling — and using stencils on countless other surfaces — to create points of visual interest throughout the home.

This brilliant multicolor houndstooth stencil was chosen by the designers at East Coast Creative for a stellar room makeover. As you can see, stencils, murals and wall decals are available in an endless variety of patterns and styles. Investing the time and energy to accent a wall in your home with patterned details can update the look of any room in your home, too.

Quite a lot of work went into this all-over ceiling stenciling, and the results speak for themselves. The swirling damask pattern really brings to life the palette of soft, fresh green hues used throughout the room.

If you’d like to try stenciling your ceiling, Stacy from Not Just A Housewife shared this magnificent undertaking on her blog.

Here’s her advice: 1. Start stenciling in the corner near the door so if you mess up it will be less noticeable; 2. use a small, high-density foam roller; 3. don’t overload the roller with paint or press too hard because that will cause paint to bleed under the stencil; and, 4. stencils with registration marks are your friend when applying an all-over pattern.


Want to give your natural fiber wallpaper a touch of Gatsby-esque gilt and glam? Try stenciling on Art Nouveau-inspired patterns in high-gloss metallic gold paint.

Image of a Faux Furniture Hand-Painted Wall Stencil Idea

Image via Ideas Mag

Steal this idea. In a small bedroom, entryway or hall, use stencils and shelves to create the illusion of furnishings that actually serve a functional purpose.

Some color and pattern, unique DIY lighting and storage — and a little patience — will transform your utility room into one of the most interesting spaces in the home.

Spectacular staircases always make for grand entryways. Quatrefoil detail in metallic craft paint only heightens the interest.

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