Small Well-Organized Closets

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

We conducted a somewhat scientific survey (via the Google) to find out what area in the home people found hardest to keep organized. Can you guess what won? If you said the clothes closet, give yourself a gold star.

No one, it seems, ever has organized closets, let alone enough space, particularly in the clothes closet. These spaces are constantly overflowing with the all stuff we try to pack into them. The problem becomes bigger the smaller the closets get. Closet organizers are great tools for bringing order and functionality to messy closets.

If well-planned, even a small closet can hold quite a lot. Let us show you some of the space-saving ideas we discovered while peeping into other people’s closets.

Image of the Martha Stewart Living Starter Closet Kit in an organized closet

With small closets come big decisions. Some things will have to go elsewhere. You’ll have to pare down what you keep in your primary closet to seasonally appropriate, essential pieces that you actually wear. After you’ve done the hard part, customizable closet organizers like the Martha Stewart Starter Kit seen above make it easier to keep your wardrobe and accessories neatly arranged and stored. When you eventually get bigger closets, many of the Martha Stewart Living closet storage systems are expandable, allowing you to add drawers, shelves, shoe racks and a wide range of other features.

Image of a well-organized closet using wire shelving

Image via Apartment Therapy

There’s no room to waste in small closets. This excellent example from Apartment Therapy shows how to put every inch of space in your closet to good use. Modular wire closet and shelf kits sold by popular makers like Closetmaid and Rubbermaid can provide a simple, easy-to-install solution for cluttered, disorganized closets. Used in combination with over the door shoe storage and a few well-placed wardrobe hooks, you’ll be surprised how much will fit nicely inside a small closet.

Image of armoire used as extra closet space

Image via Better Homes and Gardens

We love antique armoires. They make great pantries, drink stations, and as you can see in this lovely image from Better Homes and Gardens, an armoire can serve as the perfect auxiliary closet.

Image of a DIY clothing rack made with galvanized pipe

Image via Cargo Collective

Sometimes you have to be willing to think outside the closet if you want more storage space for your burgeoning wardrobe. Galvanized pipe is one our favorite DIY materials because there seems to be no end to the number of things you can make with it. You can see what we mean in the Cargo Collective photo above. Just start connecting lengths of pipe and fittings. You might end up building a bookcase, a bed frame, a lamp, or even an industrial-inspired garment rack to showcase your sartorial flair.