Places: Rooms with Painted Floors

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

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A collage of images featuring rooms with painted floors

Images (clockwise) via Make, Coastal Living and Bloesem

Painted floors in the U.S. date back to the 18th century. With flooring options like carpets and rugs well beyond the budgets of most ordinary folks back then, they had to devise other ways to jazz up their wood flooring.

Well, the tradition of painted floors has taken quite a few colorful turns since those early days, ranging from the simple coat of paint that enlivens a kitchen or makes a bedroom sunnier, to more intricate stenciled-on designs that give rooms a more spacious, visually interesting feel.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of painting your floors, don’t be deterred because you don’t have hardwoods. You can do a ton of creative things with your vinyl, ceramic tile and concrete floors. We saw so many cool ideas for painted floors out there it was hard to choose just a few. Here are some we couldn’t help but share.

Image of a living room with stripes painted on the floor

Image via Brides

Painting stripes on a wall in your home can make the ceiling seem higher or make the room feel larger. In this image of a painted wood floor from Brides magazine, you can see how stripes act much the same way. They give the room a more expansive feel while also camouflaging imperfections in the flooring.

You can use bold geometric patterns, trompe l’oeil floor runners and other visually interesting designs painted or stenciled onto your floors to create excitement underfoot in any room. If the thought of tackling a large room seems too daunting, experiment with an out-of the-way space like a laundry room or hallway.

Image of a room with floor painted dark brown

Image via Concrete and Dust

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Some complain that dark floors show every speck of dust and dirt in a room. That may be true, but as you can see above, darkly painted floors also reflect light beautifully, accentuating all the other elements in a room.

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