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Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

Image of a Repurposed Potable Island In An Industrial Grade Kitchen

Image via New York Magazine

In modern homes where the kitchen is the central hub of family activity, islands are a coveted feature. They provide a versatile space to prepare, serve and enjoy casual meals when not being used to do homework or entertain friends. But for many homes, traditional kitchen islands are either impractical, impossible, or both.

Well, we dug around and found some islands that would give almost any kitchen added room for prep, storage and visual appeal — without taking up a lot of space.

Even if your kitchen was not blessed with the space to accommodate a restaurant-grade gas range, sink, and reclaimed wood kitchen island like the one we found above at NY Mag, you can still get more out of your kitchen space by borrowing a few of these ideas.

We’re always inspired by DIY solutions that solve space and functionality issues with style and creativity. Cleverly repurposed furniture makes a kitchen truly stand out.

Image of a portable kitchen island work station

When there’s little time and even less space or budget for repurposing or remodeling, carts, islands and utility tables now offer features to please even the most discerning small-space chef. Many portable islands like this kitchen work station come with a durable butcher block cutting surface, chop and drop disposal systems for food waste, and plenty of storage.

Image of a kitchen island concept create by Philips

Image via Philips

It’s always fun to look into the future and imagine what strange and wonderful concepts kitchen designers will come up with. The Bio-Digestor is a prototype developed by Philips that envisions the portable kitchen island of the future as a repositionable hub made of copper, cast iron, glass and bamboo. It would use almost all organic waste from the home to power a range of functions.

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