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Image of a vibrantly colored finished basement

Image via Better Homes and Gardens

Ask almost any homeowner with a functional basement or attic space and they will probably tell you how lucky they are to have the space. If they’re honest, many will also admit they’re not making the best use of the space. It may have even become the place to dump items that no one in the house uses.

Even if you don’t want or need your basement to be as immaculately decorated as the one above from Better Homes and Gardens, you might want to take note of the practical storage solutions the vintage cabinets and staircase provide.

Organizing a long-neglected basement takes planning, determination and some inspiration. So, to help you take that big step down into the basement and emerge with a beautifully reorganized space, here are a few basement storage ideas to consider.

Pause for a moment at the top of the steps before heading down to the basement and take a good look around. You’d be surprised by the storage opportunities you’re missing. There may be enough overhead space at the top of your stairwell, as Wendy at Brooklyn Limestone (on the left) discovered, for shelves and storage baskets with chalkboard paint labels. Or, you might find that the wall along the staircase is the perfect place to store some items.

Freestanding shelves, plastic storage totes and pegboard will be your best friends when you decide to finally take on the task of getting the basement in order. They’ll help you organize the clutter into zones where everything is easier to find — and you won’t have to pay them in pizza for their efforts.

Image of The HyLoft Ceiling Storage Unit

Image via HyLoft

The HyLoft ceiling storage unit is a popular storage and organization solution for homeowners who want to get more out of their garage space. Available in several different sizes, these overhead storage units would work equally as well in your basement to store coolers, holiday decorations, luggage or other bulky items.

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