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Article Posted By: Jae Warren

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Image of a hallway filled with frame photographs

Image via Traditional Home

Hallways are often the last areas of our homes we think to decorate. This seems rather odd when you consider how much traffic passes through these halls, as the entry and egress point for family and friends, and the connector of all the rooms of the home. We tend to focus our designs on entryways because after all, it’s the first impression people get of home when they walk through the door.

Sadly, however, many of us tend to treat the remainder of our interior hallway spaces as if to say, “Move along, nothing to see here.” But not Virginia Mary, who we learned about on Traditional Home. Her hallway filled from floor-to-ceiling with art and photography was the picture of inspiration.

We’re convinced that every space in the home should offer some element of surprise, even if people are mainly just passing through. Think of the many people who will potentially pass through our halls. The experience should be a memorable one. We hope these hallways give you a few intriguing ideas for your own.

Image of DIY wallpaper painted on trees

Image via Katie’s Pencil Box

The Road Less Travelled  When Katie, of Katie’s Pencil Box, spotted the price of the to-die-for wallpaper that inspired her DIY re-creation she could have almost had a heart attack. Thankfully instead, she and her artistically-inclined husband chose to use a stipple ink technique to painstakingly bring her dream to life on paintable wallpaper. “And that has made all the difference” in this woodsy inspired hallway.

Image of a hallway with exposed brick

Image via Digs Digs

Brick and Mortar  Unfortunately we all can’t live in beautiful brownstones with exposed brick walls. Digs Digs is certainly down with the exposed brick look, showing off several examples of awesome bricked digs. However, if you’re a regular follower of the Apron (and surely you must be), you know how much we love wallpaper. With a couple of rolls of faux red brick wallpaper and brushed nickel chandeliers you can bring the look of brownstone to your brickless home.

Image of a hallway painted in bold black and white stripes

Image via belle maison

Show Your Stripes  Hallways are often passageways to private areas in the home, making them great spaces for experimenting a little with your personal style. Here’s your chance to try something trendy. Take a cue from belle maison, be bold with stripes and indoor lighting accentuated by punches of eye-popping color. Complete the look with a matching floor runner.

Image via Vogue

Sheepish Design  We love this entrance hall in the Manhattan home of Reed and Delphine Krakoff equally for its sense of high art and surrealist whimsy. We shared this image from Vogue with you in hopes that you might adopt a woolly stance to the design of your hallways similar to that of the French sculptor Francois–Xavier Lalanne, whose sheep graze the hall above. Don’t be afraid to be baaaahD.

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