The Well-Organized Garage: Garage Organization Ideas

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

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Image of a well-organized garage with everything tidy, hung up and put away

Image via We Heart Junk

A well-organized garage is not an oxymoron, something out of a photo op, or a feat to be achieved only with the assistance of professional. If you’re willing to invest some time and effort and let go of a few (or a lot) of items that are truly no longer useful, your garage could look as nice as the one above.

But, before you go purchasing any garage storage items, think about what kinds of things you need to store, and the storage method that you believe will work best for you. Think about how your garage space could enhance your lifestyle and make your life easier rather than more stressful.

To help you in your quest, we’d like to show you a few garage organization ideas we spotted in well-organized garages around the web.

Collection of 4 images of Garages Organized With Pegboard

Images via Better Homes and Gardens (clockwise from top left), American Woodworker, I Heart Organizing and BHG

Pegboard is a powerful ally in your mission to tame clutter and realize the goal of an organized garage. For hanging lighter stuff, try using ⅛-inch pegboard, and for heavier items like power tools and outdoor power equipment, ¼-inch pegboard is probably a better option. Better still, you can paint it and use an endless variety of baskets, hooks and shelves to store virtually anything.


Affordable, easy-to-assemble utility cabinet systems can store a wide variety of items neatly out of sight and give your garage a coordinated, well-maintained look.

Image of Garage Organization Using Hampton Bay Unfinished Oak Cabinets Repurposed For The Garage

Hampton Bay unfinished oak cabinets repurposed and painted for the garage via Dixie Delights

If you’d like to dress things up and organize them in a way that has a more custom feel, try Hampton Bay’s prefabricated unfinished oak cabinets. Here’s what they look like painted and configured onto locker spaces with a base for shoe storage.

Images of Rack Systems For Organizing Garages

Images via Better Homes and Gardens (clockwise from left), O is For Organize and The Family Handyman

State of the art wall-mounted rail storage systems go up in minutes and work with a wide range of accessories to give you options for most items in the garage. For the rest, you may want to resort to handier, old-fashioned methods like bins and buckets.

Image of Reorganized Garage With Freestanding Husky Silver Steel Shelving Units

Andy from Bay Point, Calif., organized his garage with Husky shelving.

The only thing we like better than customers who use our products to make improvements around their home is when they share their ideas and photos with us. Andy chose Husky freestanding steel storage racks to strategically arrange everything in his garage on shelves, giving priority to the items he uses most frequently, and storing items he doesn’t use as often on less accessible shelves.