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of The Home Depot

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Chandeliers aren’t just for grand dining rooms or lofty foyers anymore. Today, these beautiful, often extravagant hanging works of glass and light come in a huge array of sizes, styles, colors and designs. Chandeliers of all sorts are being used to create a statement in almost every room in the home, from kitchens and bathrooms, to bedrooms and … closets?

The idea of hanging a chandelier in the closet sounds a bit over the top. But think about it: for the one-act play of life, the closet is kind of like the wardrobe department; it’s where we hang our costumes. Why not dress it up with some dramatic lighting?

And as you will see in the examples we found, you don’t need a palatial walk-in the size of condo to add a touch of glamor to the lighting in your closet.

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If you do happen to have a walk-in the size of a condo like this one above, spotted on Favim and taken from Nest UK, chandelier closet lighting dosen’t seem quite so ridiculous at all.

Closet featuring a chandelier image

Image via MadeByGirl

Don’t get caught up looking at all the nice bags and pretty shoes in this wonderful shot above of Jen Ramos’ closet we found on her site MadeByGirl. Instead, focus on the lighting.

This chandeliered closet offers Jen the illusion of stepping into her own private boutique each day to choose an outfit. Adding to the effect are the racks displaying her awesome shoe collection. Jen created those with a few boards and some stain from The Home Depot. The chandelier is the finishing touch to a most elegant closet.

Above are some grand, but smaller scale, chandeliers perfect for dressing up the closet.

Included in the image from top left:  Laura Ashley Maise Chandelier $270.  Alyssa Chandelier $232.  Mission Inn Pendant Chandelier $238.

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