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Image of ceiling being painted

Image via Cap Murals

What was the first person to paint or decorate a ceiling thinking? For all we know, cavemen began painting the ceilings just because they ran out of wall space. It’s almost certain, however, that once they were done they realized – “hey, that looks pretty cool, it really changes the entire feel of the space.”

That’s our story on how ceilings came to be known as the “fifth wall” of the home and we’re sticking to it. Ceilings are also the dimension of interior design, the oft unexplored space in the home that begs discovery. We love the fantasy cherry blossom theme painted by Cap Murals in the photo above.

But it doesn’t require an original mural to make your ceiling work harder for the decor and take your ceiling to a place where no home has gone before.

seductive image of a ceiling painted black

Image from House and Home via Design Style

Many otherwise courageous people are afraid to paint ceilings a dark color for fear it will make the room too dark. We hope to convince you otherwise with this amazing image from Design Style. Look at how much drama this dark lacquered ceiling brings to the room, and how beautifully it reflects the light.

Image of a white coffered ceiling

Image via Decor Pad

If we can’t lure you over to the dark side, and you insist on the look of traditional white ceiling, how about giving the room some architectural flair with coffered ceilings? Coffered ceilings use wooden moulding to create a grid pattern. They date back to the Italian Renaissance when ceiling design reached new heights of creativity. As you can see in this picture we found on Decor Pad a coffer ceiling can still elevate the style of a room.

Image of a Trey Ceiling

Image via Design Sponge

This homeowner featured on Design Sponge was able to carve out an additional dimension of style in this formal dining room-turned-library by wallpapering the recessed area of the trey ceiling. From the look on his face, the pooch approves.

Image of a ceiling with a medallion

Image via Eclectic Revisited

This is not a conspiracy to sell you on painting your ceiling black – promise. We just couldn’t resist the showing you how the dark ceilings in this dining room from Eclectic Revisited provided the contrast needed to transformed the decorative moulding into a jewel.

Images of ceilings with beadboard and tin detail

Images viaImages via Living Country (left) and Maison Decor (right)

Salvaged beadboard repurposed as ceiling tile, as seen on Living Country, is phenomenal looking. And don’t be deterred by all the talk of what a pain it is to do a ceiling in tin tile. You can now find faux PVC tin tiles in a variety of finishes to give  your ceilings the same antique charm as this bath we spotted above on Amy Chalmers’ lovely blog Maison Decor. Faux tin tiles can be easily glued on to an existing ceiling, they won’t rust or stain like traditional tin, and they clean up with soap and water.

The Home Depot’s Ceilings page is a good place to start when you’re thinking of creating your own dramatic ceiling.

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