Places: The Well Organized Laundry Room

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The GE Adora High Efficiency Washer shown in a well organized laundry room

It does seem a bit ironic that the one room in the home dedicated cleaning is often the messiest place in the home. Usually crammed into a small utility room, closet, basement or worse, often the laundry room seems to defy all efforts at organization.

But a space used for utilitarian purposes doesn’t have to be junky or devoid of style. Here are just a few of the numerous examples we spotted of laundry rooms that are very definition of organized. With some relatively simple and inexpensive laundry storage options and a couple of clever ideas you can put a new spin on your wash day.

Image of laundry room in a kitchen with simple decorative shelves

Image from S.A.S. Interiors via House and Home

We’ve seen a lot more washers and dryers in kitchens lately, and thankfully appliances now come in an array of color choices. When paired with decorative shelves and glass canisters for storing the detergent, you can seamlessly integrate the laundry room with the rest of your home’s décor.


Image of a bookcase used for storage in a laundry room

Image via Home Posh

The simple solutions often provide the best answers to solving storage and organization problems. Bookcases stack up nicely against clutter in the laundry room and come a variety or sizes and finishes.

Image of a ladder hanging from the ceiling repurposed to hang wet clothing

Image via Little Lucy Lu

Making good uses vertical spaces is a mantra and oft repeated by storage and organization gurus. Little Lucy Lu took some creative license with this advice to repurpose an old ladder she had hanging around the house as a drying rack for wet clothing.

Simple Organization & Storage Ideas for the laundry room

Image via Ask Anna

Ask Anna Moseley and she will tell you that a few nice touches is all it takes for laundry days to become a more pleasant and productive experience. A fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and walls to brighten the room, wire shelving for cleaning supplies and decorative baskets for sundry items helped to lighten the loads.

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