Meet The Material: Pegboard

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Image of a British inspired head board made from pegboard

Image via Our Fifth House

For much of its life pegboard has served as a quaint, humble, one-size-fits-all solution to storage and organization for general stores, novelty shops, sheds, garages and you name it. Recently, however, we’ve seen pegboard moving out of craft closets and sewing rooms to add texture and visual interest to many other areas of the home.

This pegboard headboard above we spotted on Our Fifth House is a brilliant example of how folks are beginning to poke holes in the utilitarian wood product’s “unattractive” rep. We also loved the mix and match play of patterns, prints and fabrics in the accessories – and the way the Union Jack high head board gives a more expansive feel (and Union Jacks are definitely in these days.) Read on and you may find that there’s a whole lot more you can do with pegboard than you ever imagined.

What is pegboard? Pegboard is actually a brand name that is now used as the generic term for perforated hardboard. Made from a mixture of wood fiber, resin and linseed oil baked at an extremely high temperature, this lightweight wood product has high impact resistance, rigidity and tensile strength [Wikipedia]. Today, you can find pegboard in a variety of materials, including wood pegboard, metal pegboard and plastic pegboard.

What are some of the cool properties of particle board? It’s the Swiss Army Knife of storage and organization. It accommodates an endless variety of hooks, baskets and shelves for almost limitless storage options.

What is pegboard used for? You can store, stash or display almost anything on pegboard. Pots and pans, tools and equipment, jewelry and clothing … you’ll find a place to hang it all.

What else can you use pegboard for? Have you ever thought of using pegboard for backsplash in your kitchen? Or, perhaps, making a tabletop out of pegboard? How about an attractive solution for hanging and displaying for favorite jewelry and accessories? You can do all these things and so much more with a few sheets of pegboard.

Image of Metal Pegboard From The Home Depot Summer Style Guide

Home Depot Summer Style Guide 2012

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Image of a Kitchen Pegboard iPad Holder

Image via Craftzine

Images of Julia Child’s inviting kitchen helped to popularize the use of pegboard storage in kitchens. When DIY blogger Garrett Tillman was looking for a place for his iPad to rest while it dispensed cooking instructions, he followed Julia’s sage advice and hung some colorful iPad optimized pegboard in his kitchen.

Image of Gaga In Sunglasses On Pegboard

Image via Cool Hunter

Obviously Gaga over pegboard, the artist Philip Karlberg used it as the medium for his project to “sculpture the faces of some classic wearers of sunglasses.”

Image of a Multifunctional Pegboard Organizer

Image via Craftzine

Be careful. The use of pegboard can be quite addictive. You may find yourself hooked on wanting to find new and interesting applications for it around your home. Pegboard is also thought to be a gateway material to a more organized life. You’ve been warned.

Check out Clever New Use For Pegboard here on the Apron blog for a fun DIY project using pegboard.

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