Meet The Material: Galvanized Pipe

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What is galvanized pipe? Galvanized pipe is heavy steel pipe coated with zinc to reduce corrosion.

What are some of the cool properties of galvanized pipe? The galvanization process involves dipping steel pipe into 850 degree F molten hot zinc that chemically bonds to the steel.

How is galvanized pipe used? In many older homes, galvanized pipe was used extensively for water supply lines. Today, galvanized pipe is mainly used in irrigation systems and to pipe well water as well as other non-corrosive liquids.

And fortunately, the cool, industrial aesthetic and easy-to-assemble style of galvanized pipe also lends itself to tons of creative DYI applications. From hand and foot railing to wall shelving and all manner of home furnishings, galvanized pipe has now become “Legos for grown-ups,” as one clever writer over at Apartment Therapy affectionately referred to it.

How to buy galvanized pipe? You’ll find all the pipes and fittings you need to have hours of fun constructing your own galvanized wonders at your local Home Depot store, or online at If want your creations to have a more rustic look or steampunk appeal, be sure to check out the black pipe and fittings.

Bonus Info: Check out a few pictures of some of the amazing ways you can use galvanized pipe after the jump.

Saw one of these galvanized pipe lamps online earlier this year going for over $200. You can make one of your own for less than half that with the help of Instructables.

via apartment therapy

Here’s a nice example of a coffee table made with black pipes using a piece of recycled lumber that could be made in just a few hours for less than $100.

via re-nest

Love the use of birch plywood along with galvanized pipe in the construction of this bathroom shelving that plays nicely with the clean, modern elements of this bath while giving it a bit of an industrial edge.

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