Meet The Material: Faux Bois

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Image of faux inspired products

Image via Apartment Therapy

The material in this installment of Meet the Material isn’t actually a material. It’s more of a suggestion of a material. In fact, its very name indicates that it’s a fake. But this fakery is increasingly popular in the world of design.

We’re talking about faux bois. Elle Décor said of faux bois, “This traditional rustic motif is suddenly hip, showing up in glamorous new guises and unlikely colors.” And, as you can see in the examples above we spotted on Apartment Therapy, it’s versatile enough to be warm and rustic or contemporary and edgy.

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about faux bois, along with several examples we found of how you can incorporate faux bois patterns and textures in your home.

What is faux bois? French for false wood, faux bois refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media [Wikipedia].

What are some of the cool properties of faux bois? It’s a unique blend of texture, pattern and technique. Faux bois is also very adaptable, whether you’re going for a classic look or something more mod.

What is faux bois used for? These days, you will find faux bois techniques used to give unexpected detail to fashion, accessories, lighting, floor and wall coverings and a myriad of products and surfaces.

What can you use faux bois for? Try using a faux bois area rug to create an inviting zone for reading or conversation in your home. Bring your unique style to light with a wood grain pendant. Or, if you’re crafty, create a stencil to make your own faux bois throw pillows.

Martha Stewart’s decorative painting tool kit lets you give virtually any surface the beautiful look of false wood grain. This wall was treated to a faux wood finish using the set’s embossed paint rocker and a comb tool that left a wood-grain imprint in the wet paint glaze.

Images of faux bois applications on building facade and dresser

Image via Sketch 42

The work of British artist Richard Woods shown here exists on the borders between art, architecture and graphic design. He uses faux bois to entice viewers to look at objects and surfaces in new and different ways. You can use faux bois applications, too – to add a playful twist to things around your home.

Image of a concrete patio with woodgrain stamping

Image via the Lil House That Could

For these homeowners, the warmth of wood grain and the ease of concrete made faux bois an irresistible choice for their patio. Using a concrete stamp to create the appearance of a wood finish is sure to leave an indelible impression on their friends and family as well.

Faux Bois inspired images

Images via Martha Stewart, Fab, Etsy & My Mud Hut

You’ll find countless ways to incorporate faux bois into your home’s decor and your personal style. From artwork and jewelry to faux bois paintable wallpaper and even pumpkin carving, the look of faux bois takes the appeal up a few notches.

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