Man Caves: Famous Men And Their Spaces

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

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Hemingway's writing studio image

Image of Hemingway’s Studio via The Art of Manliness

It’s been at least 10,000 years since men purportedly lived in caves, and no man should live that way today. But the idea of having a man cave – a place to escape when you want to think, play, work, create, hangout or do whatever – is one that many of us still crave.

Sam Martin, the author of ManSpace: A Primal Guide To Marking Your Territory, believes the true beauty of a manspace is that it is yours to define, control and inhabit as you like (though, in certain real-life situations, getting two-out-of-three of these should be considered a win). And, whether you have full run of the entire house, share a space with family or others, or only have control of one corner, he highly recommends men find a space, one that reflects what they love and who they are, and get into it.

Here’s a look at a few man spaces created by some great men of history we found on The Art of Manliness site.

Mark Twain's billiard room image

Image of Mark Twain’s billiard room via The Art of Manliness

What qualifies as a proper manspace versus a mere “man cave” is certainly debatable. But when you turn the entire third floor into game room/study with a pool table for drinking and smoking stogies with your boys, as Mark Twain did in his home in Hartford, CT, you’ve evolved beyond caveman status.

Thomas Edison's library image

Image of Thomas Edison’s library via The Art of Manliness

What great ideas or inventions will you come up with from your Fortress of Solitude? Home offices, like this one belonging to the great inventor Thomas Edison, afford you space to do your best thinking and to surround yourself with the things you are most passionate about.

Churchill's Studio image

Image of Churchill’s Paint Studio via The Art of Manliness

Whether you’re a an avid tinkerer, writer, musician, techie or an accomplished painter like Winston Churchill – if you haven’t already – find a space in or around your home to claim as your own.

[Editor’s Note – Man Caves is an exploration of cool spaces guys have created for themselves: everything from living rooms and bedrooms, offices and workshops, and media and game rooms, to garages, outdoor grilling areas, gardens and more. We’ll dispense tips on décor, equipment, storage and organization, as well as share ideas, know-how and product info to help you hook up your own manspace.]