Outdoor Retreats

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

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Outdoor retreats (aka Man Caves) are more than just places where men retreat to get away from the constraints of day-to-day life. They’re about a state of mind, too. And finding a space where you’re free to play, create or just do nothing often requires some magical thinking. It calls for a willingness to overlook spatial limitations, or in many cases, a temporary suspension of disbelief.

Take, for example, this unimaginably cool outdoor theater, equipped with a DLP projector, a Blu-ray player, a 40-foot screen hand-constructed from PVC pipe and fittings, and seating for about 400 of your closest friends.

Some might say you were dreaming if you proposed building a theater like this in your backyard. But it wouldn’t exactly be science fiction to conjure up a slightly less fanciful space.

So here are a few more outdoor man cave ideas for you to consider. We hope you’ll find that the man cave you plan to create for yourself isn’t so far-fetched after all.

In this spot once stood a solitary pergola in an under-utilized outdoor living space. But Dan Uche of Kansas City, Mo., envisioned and set up a totally mantastic outdoor bar with HDTVs, beer keg coolers and bar stools.


Image of a greenhouse studio photographed by Johnny Miller

Image via Design Is Mine

Old rockers never die, they just get relegated to greenhouses. OK, that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but at least a greenhouse is a warm, well-lit place where you can plug in, tune out and rock on. You can equip yourself or your man cave for adventures in outdoor recreation at The Home Depot.

Image of a Backyard Putting Green

Image via Flickr photographed by Chad Beidel

In the real world, you’ll probably never be The Master’s champ. But with your own private outdoor putting green tucked neatly into the confines of the back yard, beautifully landscaped by pavers and step stones, you’re definitely winning. (Raucous cheers erupt from the crowd.)

Image of guys grilling

For some guys, winning is all about the thrill of the grill. They get that the real point of a man cave is having a space to do what you love and claiming it. The driveway is now officially spoken for.

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