Man Caves: Masculine Detail

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

Image of a large black and white photograph of Bob Dylan

Image: Photograph by William Waldron via Elle Decor

If you’ve spent any time browsing the internet searching for ideas to step up the design your living space you’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of amazing photos of immaculate homes blinged-out with very pricey furnishings and accessories. Thinking of working your style easily and affordably may leave you feeling much like Bob Dylan appears in this monumental photograph we found on Elle Decor. But take heart guys, we have some ideas on how to raise the interest level of your crib without dipping into your Ferrari fund.

If you really want your space to say something about who you are and what you’re about, the design is really in the details.

Take a look at what we found to upgrade your living arrangements.

Image of a platform bed made with wood pallets

Image via Apartment Therapy

Gentlemen, if any of you out there right are sleeping on a mattress on the bare floor, *smh*, take a good look at this solution from Apartment Therapy. Go out and score some old pallets to make a platform bed and salvage some pride. And, instead of hanging a weathered window frame above the bed, might we suggest you go with something with a bit more, uhm, masculine detail?  A really large framed black and white photograph would work in your manspace.

Image of matches and corks collected for display

Images via Of Iron & Oak and Two Twenty One

Men need hobbies. Whether you’re the man about town, a foodie, or a connoisseur of fairly middling table wines – don’t hesitate to leave it all out on display for everyone to see. We liked both these simple ideas for the way they use incidental, everyday objects to communicate something of the personal story of the person living in the space– the matches from Of Iron & Oak, and the corks and candles from Two Twenty One. Candles and matches come in pretty handy around a man cave … so do a few bottles of decent wine.

Images of concrete & wood textured throw pillows

Image via The Designer Pad

Seriously – a post about man caves and we’re discussing about throw pillows? Sure, these conversations are the kind of decor fluffery that send many guys walking out of a room muttering, but these edgy concrete and wood inspired ones we spotted on The Designer Pad might get a few fellows to reconsider their objections. You gotta admit these would be a pretty awesome way to bring some industrial detail into the mix.

Image of lighting in Nate Berkus's bedroom

Image via Apartment Therapy

This Serge Mouille sculptural light fixture is a real work of art, but yeah, most working class guys wouldn’t want to spend the money for it. We point this out only to insist how essential lighting is as an element of your home’s decor (and because cool lighting is totally bad-a$$). You don’t have to spend a fortune for unique indoor lighting, but you do have invest the time to find interior lighting pieces that add statement quality appeal to a room.

Image of map wallpaper

Image from 79 Ideas via Ideal Home

Maps are a thing nowadays. We like them for any man cave because they provide some direction to our sense of wanderlust. They’re fun to stare at as you eat you morning bowl of cereal, too. A big map is awesome, but even a few framed regular sized maps gets the job done.

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