Man Caves: Mad Men Style

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Mad Men Style Season 5 image

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We looked the historic spaces a few famous men created for themselves in an earlier Man Caves column, and saw how each reflected something of the character and passions of the men who hung out in them. And like great men in the past, men today want control over the look and design of their space, fuelling the great popularity of manly retreats in home.

The challenge for many guys is how to create a unique space with a masculine vibe that goes beyond your average converted basement. Traditional man caves with the flatscreen, kegerator, autographed sports jersey and pool table are no problem. But how do you put together a sleek, modern look for a cigar/wine room, or a bar/poolroom/study, or a living room?

Take inspiration from Mad Men, we say.

Decor is as important as the characters in the critically acclaimed television show on AMC that chronicles the boozing, womanizing ways of a group of men running an adverting agency in the 1960s. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not (how could you not be a fan?), its swagged-out mid-century modern sets showcase an artful sophistication that could lend some style to your espacio para el hombre.

Image of Don Draper's Manhattan Apartment

Image via AMC

By the early 1950s mid-century modern had become a significant design movement, characterized by clean lines, muted colors and low-cost mass production values. Don Draper’s new pad in season 5 of Mad Men, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is as bold and self assured as his character, and a vintage example of mid-century style. If your Mad Men makeover includes a new couch, look for a low-slung, tufted sectional sofa and ottoman. This is the perfect arrangement for watching sports or emptying your Netflix queue in the horizontal position. A few brightly colored accent pillows will come in handy too when it’s time for a nap.

Image of Mad Men Look Finalist 2012

Image via via The Washington Post

This entrant  above was not the winner of the Washington Post’s Mad Men Look 2012 contest, but take note of how you can achieve a look that is classic, modern, and timeless mid-century decor. Retro classics like an Eames Lounge Chair, a Noguchi coffee table or sleek Danish Modern chairs are signature pieces and make great investments for your Mad Men space.

Image of RogerSterling's  Office

Image via Kristen Laird

Roger Sterling’s Mad Men office space is the most modern of all the partners. Blogger and designer Kristen Laird points out the sculptural nature of the furnishings. The Saarinen Tulip table which serves as Sterling’s desk is perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of mid-century modern furniture ever produced. And the Artemide Nesso table lamp is like sweet, all-white icing on the cake. This is an office that will let everyone know you’re the boss–and you have an eye for style.

Images of Mad Men style home decor

For your man cave space we’ve collected a few Mad Men inspired selections from our Home Decorators Collection. Mix in some iconic, mid-century modern pieces for extra style points for your Mad Men home decor.

1. Just Because I Canvas Wall Art, $199; 2. Raindrops Mirror, $549; 3. Palma Table Lamp, $119; 4. Vintage Rolling Cocktail Cart; 5. Eames Lounge Chair; 6. Noguchi Coffee Table; 7. Tami/Zebra Pillows $24-59; Dorset Sofa, $999; 8. Urbane Floor Lamp, $179

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