Man Caves: Bachelor Pad Essentials

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Image of a loft space with a giant hammock net

Image via Jeremy Person

The very concept of the bachelor–the independent living single man–is a fairly new one. In fact, up until the 1600s, there wasn’t even a name for young, single men, and they were generally lumped into the same category with women, children and servants. And men in colonial America were divided into two groups: masters and dependents. Masters were men who had achieved a certain mastery over their lives and career, owned property and were generally contributing members of society. Dependents were sort of bro’s in training.

Today, guys are apt to be bachelors for longer than at any other period in our nation’s history. For you lucky bachelors, these are glorious times too, and your life may never again seem filled with such freedom and promise. You could actually have a hammock built into the floor if you wanted and no one would complain. So, we thought you might enjoy this as well as some more practical advice to help you in your mastery of the most important rooms in your new bachelor pad–the living room, bedroom, and the bath. So follow along, take notes, and if you learn nothing else, it should be this: Use nothing more than is needed. Keep it clean, simple and stylish.

 The Living Room

Image of a sectional sofa

Image via Frisson Design

Bachelors, you will spend a lot of time on the couch. It’s perhaps the single most significant piece of furniture in your bachelor pad, so choose wisely. You might not have a spectacular pied-à-terre in Midtown Manhattan like the one above designed by Fawn Galli Interiors. But you can’t go wrong if you go for clean lines and neutral colors like beige, gray or black. If you prefer leather, we endorse wholeheartedly the classic look of the Chesterfield. Whichever you choose, it’s important that it get you comfortably through many hours of football and Modern Warfare 3, and clean up nicely when it’s time to entertain.

Image of a Bachelor Pad Living Room

Image via Decorica

Despite the proliferation of pillows here on the sofa that clearly violate the Bachelor Code, this small living room gets high marks in many other areas. Cowhides layered over jute rugs are a very good look, as the style blog Decorica points out. Lucite tables and see-through lamps make your style more apparent with less visual clutter. And you have to pay at least some attention to window treatments. If sheets were meant to be window coverings they would have called them curtains.

The Bedroom

This is the room where you want to display a flair for the dramatic. Architect Carl Bernstein nailed it with the minimal bedroom above, designed for a residence in San Francisco. Consider a darker shade of paint in the bedroom to create a mysterious, masculine appeal. Anything but business as usual here. Lighter bedding and accessories provide a nice balance.

Image of an Artsy Bachelor's Bedroom

Image via Falken Reynolds

The importance of a proper bed, with a comfortable mattress and soft, clean sheets is hopefully not a discussion we need to have. But let us recommend to you how inviting a low-profile or platform frame will look in your bachelor pad, as you see above in the Mainland Street Bachelor Pad project by Falken Reynolds. They never overwhelm the artistic details of the room, especially when pair with excellent lighting.

The Bath

Image of a bachelor's bathroom

Image via Casa Cullen

The bathroom can be a deal breaker. Potential guests will not find your offer to stay over appealing if the bathroom is a hot mess. Here too, just remember to keep things simple and clean. Vessel sinks, modern faucets and tile flooring will elevate your bathroom to four-star status. Just don’t forget to leave out some clean towels.

Keep this up and you may have to start practicing to put the toilet seat down.

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