Make a Beautiful Wall Organizer with Repurposed Shutters

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

Repurposed shutters can be used for any number of projects around the house and yard, depending on your willingness to do a bit of work. They are a great way to save on items like this beautiful wall organizer, which could cost you quite a bit if you bought it new.

Repurposed shutters can be very useful

Shutters on most residential homes today are merely window dressing. Nailed in place to the side of your house, they are unlikely to provide much privacy or security.

But please, don’t take these statements as an indictment of shutters. We love them, and they perform a much-needed decorative function, framing windows with architectural detail and often a splash of color. They have attractive and useful applications inside the home as well.

The team at Martha Stewart Living created this short video to show you how repurposed shutters can make a beautiful wall organizer for your home office or almost anywhere around the home. Anduin Havens, design director for video at Martha Stewart Living, demonstrates just how easy it is to do, using little more than a drill, a few screws, paint and some repurposed shutters (of course).

Anduin uses Martha Stewart Living Brownstone Brick Textured Metallic paint to give her shutters a dazzling bronzed finish. You’ll find many other exciting options to suit the style and décor of every room in your home at your local Home Depot store.

If you like this idea, you’ll find a million-and-one useful storage and organization solutions for your home online and in-store at The Home Depot.

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