How To Lay Pavers and Paver Stones

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

of The Home Depot

Whether edging landscape, laying a patio or driveway, or creating a winding pathway to your favorite spot in the garden, pavers and paver stones are versatile and durable materials that can add beauty and functionality to many outdoor areas around your home.

There are several different types of paver materials to choose from, including natural stone, brick, concrete and rubber composites, as well as many styles and color variations.

As you will see in this short video clip prepared by Rick for The Home Depot Community, laying pavers is also relatively easy to do. In areas small or large, the list of tools and materials needed for this project is not very extensive. You’ll need pavers or paver stones, of course, and paver sand (for filling in and leveling the ground), a square shovel, a level and perhaps a trowel.

Once you get the ground you intend to pave over leveled off at the right height, it’s just a matter of setting the pavers and filling in the gaps.

And here’s a tip you won’t find in the video: An interesting pattern can make even the most inexpensive pavers stand out. So consider the path less traveled when planning the layout and design of your patio, walkway or drive.

If you want to do more research on pavers and paver stones before starting starting your project, be sure to talk to one of the associates at your local Home Depot store.

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