Grilling Recipes

Whether you’re smoking a rack of juicy ribs or serving up some spicy seafood skewers, there’s no doubt that dinner from the grill just tastes better. We’ve got loads of grilling recipes for you to get fired up about, so read on and get cooking!

Bubba's Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Try this sweet and savory baby back ribs recipe, using your favorite barbecue sauce, pineapple, brown sugar and cumin.

Smoked Pulled Pork Roast

Make a mouthwatering meal on your grill with this smoked pulled pork roast recipe.

Denver Omelette Recipe

Whip a couple eggs, dice up some veggies and add ham and hot sauce for this Denver omelette recipe. It's easy to make right on your grill!

Hawaiian BBQ Pizza Recipe

Prepare this popular Hawaiian pizza recipe right on your pizza stone insert. It's the perfect combination of heat and sweet!

Lamb Skewers Recipe

Kabobs are an easy, versatile option for any party or grill out. Try this lamb skewers recipe, complete with homemade Chimichurri sauce!

Potato Skins Recipe

Get out your grill, bake some potatoes and take a look at these tasty toppings! You can make this easy potato skins recipe on your vegetable tray insert.

Asparagus & Potatoes Recipe

Start up your grill, and bring on the rosemary! This asparagus and potatoes recipe is the perfect complement to your meat and potatoes, right off the grill!

All-American Burger Recipe

Get your grill and griddle insert ready for this All-American burger recipe, complete with egg, bacon and cheese!

Grilled Sweet Pepper Poppers Recipe

Try this grilled sweet pepper poppers recipe on your kettle. Just add cream cheese, garlic, parmesan and pimentos!

Low Country Boil Recipe

When you're armed with a seafood boil or stock pot, the world is your oyster. Check out our favorite low country boil recipe for a truly Southern meal.

Smoked Brisket Recipe

Check out this tasty smoked brisket recipe and use your electric or gas slow smoker and hickory wood chips.

Smoked Boston Butt Recipe

Smoking your own pulled pork has never been easier with this smoked Boston butt recipe.

Fried Fish & Hush Puppies Recipe

Make your own ocean-inspired dish with this fried fish and hush puppies recipe.

Cajun Deep-Fried Turkey Recipe

Bring the heat at your next cookout with this Cajun deep-fried turkey recipe. We'll also show you how to make the spicy sauce!

Brie Fondue Recipe

This brie fondue recipe is sure to be a fun addition to your next party on the patio. Serve fondue with your favorite meats, fruits and vegetables.

Smoked Pork Loin Roast Recipe

Try this smoked pork loin roast recipe. We'll even show you how to make your own marinade!

Grilled Salmon Recipe

"Wow" your guests with this grilled salmon recipe at your next cookout. Season, grill and pair with your favorite vegetables.

Grilled Scallops Recipe

Just add pasta and pesto. This grilled scallops recipe will be ready to serve in about 20 minutes!

Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Get your smoker ready for this easy smoked BBQ baby back ribs recipe.

Pizza Dough Recipe for the Grill

Cook your own pizza from scratch right on the grill with a pizza brick tray and this recipe.