Vintage Meets Modern Entryway Makeover

Mandi Gubler

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of Vintage Revivals

This entryway makeover balances old and new, and functional and fun. It looks polished and elegant without being stuffy.

Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals, who couldn’t be stuffy if you paid her, styled this old-and-new entryway. She started with a favorite vintage piece she owned as the centerpiece. Mandi worked out from there using some of her new favorite decor items from The Home Depot.

Vintage Meets Modern Entryway Makeover

We all know and love The Home Depot for well, everything, but if you can believe it, that burning love is going to turn into a wildfire of stalker-like obsession. We all know The Home Depot has wood, and tools, and hardware, and paint, and plants. But don’t forget to to add decor to that list. They have more home decorating items than ever before, and you’re not going to believe how good it is.

Check out how much I leaned on The Home Depot in this entryway makeover.

We moved out of our house in January and into the in-laws’ basement, which let’s be honest, is not the most inspiring. When The Home Depot reached out about styling a space with some of my favorite pieces, I couldn’t shout yes loud enough. My adorable sister-in-law Lindsay’s entryway is the lucky space.

Mixing Vintage and New

Vintage Meets Modern Entryway Makeover

One way to create a well-balanced aesthetic in your home is to mix vintage and new. It’s one of my absolute favorite ways to fill my house with personality. The secret is to find a vintage showstopper and sprinkle in the new.

Vintage Meets Modern Entryway Makeover

Every time I go to my storage unit, my heart breaks a little for the pieces that are just sitting in there.

I know. That’s a little dramatic. But when that rolling door opens, and I see all of my favorite things just sitting there collecting dust, I want to lovingly console each of them. After looking at Lindsay’s entryway, I knew that it was the perfect spot for my card catalog. (You can see how it started out here, but consider yourself warned. If furniture abuse is a trigger, you might not want to click that link)

Once I knew what the star of this entryway refresh was going to be, I went to and got to work.

Guys. There are so many good things. I just can’t even express, you’ve got to go and check it out for yourself!

The Windsor Chair

Metal Windsor Chair

I started by adding the white metal Windsor-style chair (how great is it that it’s metal?! Classic style, easy modern finish.)

The Rug

Off white cotton area rug

Can we just have a moment of silence for the area rug? It’s 100 percent cotton, so it’s soft, and the weave gives it a kind of vintage look that I love. Could I have designed better rug for my old and new entryway makeover? Uh, no!

The Iron Framed Mirror

Iron round framed mirror

Seeing as how leather is my love language, there was no way I could resist this round iron framed mirror with the cool leather strap hanger. I am obsessed with the little yellow accent stitches, sometimes it really is the small things guys.

A Basket for Shoes

Large rustic woven basket

It was really important for the space to be as functional as possible, and one of the must haves is a large rustic basket for shoes. The basket that I used is natural but is also extremely heavy duty (you know how sometimes wicker or rattan falls apart after a short time of heavy shoes being flung inside?) I was pleasantly surprised at how durable this rustic-looking basket is.

White Floating Shelf

Contemporary floating shelf with silk tree and vintage camera

You guys know I love a good shelf build, but sometimes it’s really wonderful to just buy one. The 24 in. white floating shelf that I used is in stock at your local Home Depot store all the time!

I added a faux olive tree, simple black framed art, and an old camera to liven up the gigantor wall.

The Vintage and Modern Entryway

Vintage and Modern Entryway Makeover

Now tell me how you’re feeling, can you believe all of those treasures came from our favorite orange store!?

Check out The Home Depot for all the mind blowing pieces!!

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