DIY Sign

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff


Here are instructions on how to build this eye-catching DIY sign– with three different types of lettering. It’s a fun and easy DIY project.

Materials Needed:


Step 1

Trace an outline of your letters on the corrugated plastic (“coroplast”) and then cut them out. Additionally, cut a bunch of 3-in. wide strips to use as the sidewalls of the letters.


Step 2

Glue the sidewalls onto the letters with equal overhang on each side.



Step 3

Cut 3/4″ holes for the bulbs.

DIY-5 600

Step 4

Spray paint the letters. When they are dry, screw in the bulbs.

DIY-6 600

Step 5

Trace the letters “HALL” on the wood backing lightly with pencil and mark every 1″ or so where you will fasten a nail.

Make additional marks around any sharp corners or transitions in the letters, spacing evenly and symmetrically where possible.


Step 6

Drive the nails 1/2″ into the plywood, making sure they’re as far in as possible without going all the way through.

Tap back any that go too far!

Step 7

Tie the string to a nail. Wrap the string tightly and liberally around all of the nails in the letter until it’s sufficiently filled out.

Tie it off and proceed with the other letters.

Step 8

Twist four to five strands of the wire together, and bend them into the shapes of the letters.

Use needle nose pliers to cut and shape the wire as necessary and form the word “Of”.

Step 9

Trace the letters “FAME” on the backing lightly with pencil.


Step 10

Press in the tacks, spaced evenly about ¼-in. apart, or how ever looks best.

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